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Happy new week, everybody, and thanks again for visiting. I’m having fun with this, and the traffic reports egg me on. So do all of you subscribers. Holy cow. That’s a shot in the arm, making room in your inbox for Skinny Daily Posts. Thanks and thanks!

Note my viral marketing note to the right. Please do let others know if you think they’d enjoy Skinny Daily or find it helpful. It’s going to go for a year. After that, who knows? But I’m committing to one year of posts for now.

Okay, enough of that.

I’ve got new goals to set for myself this week. In my absolute concentration on building muscle mass, I have a tendency to forget how useful cardio work is for immediate and long-term calorie burning, heart strengthening, circulation improving. And what could be better than vigorous circulation to make your whole self, down to your last follicle, work its magical chemistry at peak performance?

Nothing, that’s what.

Last week I managed 3 workouts that could be described as aerobic. But this week, I want to try to get in at least 30 minutes of heart-thumping on 5 different days.

That’s it. That’s my goal. There are a lot of other balls I will try to keep up in the air too, obviously, water consumption is a big ball, calorie watching, veggie eating, Pilates practicing, fingernail filing, stretching, shaving, nose hair trimming.

But that’s a lot of ball-juggling. Some balls, sometimes, fall. This week I’m going to make sure the cardio ball doesn’t fall (okay, probably won’t let the nose hair goal slide either.). It’s my focus for the week. Maybe for next week too.

New habits are easier to form with the conscientious attention that a formal goal gives them, particularly a formal goal written somewhere or said aloud to someone you respect.

I try to begin each new week with a focus. Some particular thing I maybe need to work on. It might be fitness related or food related, or focused on learning about some aspect of health and fitness that I need to know more about. But I’ll have a goal, for sure.

This week it’s cardio – oh and finding out just what my body fat reading is.

And the nose thing.

What’s your goal for the week?


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One thought on “Weekly Goals

  1. TedDee says:

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