Skinny Daily Post


Yup, I know, I know, some of you have a hard time prioritizing your own health over other needs and responsibilities you encounter in your day, in your life.

Well, you should do it anyway.

But until you learn to take care of yourself for your own sake, let’s look at some opportunites to take care of yourself for the sake of others.

Spring is around the corner (she said through clenched and rattling teeth as she stares balefully at her single-digit predictions).

And that means the walk-a-thons and runs for causes and biking for cures can’t be far away.

Can’t pull your butt out of bed to save yourself? How about to save kids with leukemia? Huh? Or your best friend with breast cancer? Or your mom with multiple sclerosis? How’s that for a good reason mister?


Here’s what you do. You follow these links until you find something that catches your interest. Maybe it even involves visiting an interesting city in the springtime. You grab the sponsorship forms. Maybe snag your family or some buddies to join you, and you commit to one or several of these cause-a-thons.

And then, you know, you train for it.

Let’s all do this. The worldwide mood is at an all-time low. There’s really nothing like a fundraising walk or run or dance or bike ride to remind you of the very best qualities of your fellow humans. There are few greater shots in the heart so great as tacking a number to your body and moving along with dozens or hundreds or thousands of others to raise funds for people who are hurting and hoping.

Who knows? Between the training and the fundraising, you might just form a habit,


Run for Orphans
Walk or Run for the Cure to Breast Cancer
Walk in Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Walk through Canada for International Development
Race for Cancer Research, UK
Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes
Walk in Light the Night Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Event
Endurance Sports for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Walk to Fight Domestic Violence
Walk to Cure AIDS
Ride for an AIDS Cure, through Italy
Ride for AIDS from LA to San Francisco
Bike or Walk in Multiple Sclerosis Tour
Walk, run, swim, skydive in the UK and raise money for a charity of your choosing
Organize your own walk-, jog-, sing-, dance-a-thon in the U.S.

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