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Ah my friends.

Regardless of where we stand on this war, we are, most of us, in a state of stressful suspended animation, watching the CNN feeds, wondering about people we love, worried about the innocent, nursing iceballs in our middles.

It’s a lot of added stress.

We can easily think that self-care during these times is a frivolous pursuit.

Please think otherwise.

Stress can be so hard on our bodies, but we can manage through these times and remain strong for ourselves and our families and friends through careful stress management:

**Exercise is exceedingly good for you right now. Particularly aerobic exercise, yoga, anything that brings lots of extra oxygen into your system. I recommend exercising to music rather than CNN, but if you can’t disconnect, then by all means, walk, run, swim with the radio on.

**Focus your diet right now on easily digested, low-stress foods – lots of veggies, big dark green salads, leaner proteins, low-glycemic fruits like citrus and berries. If meal planning is just too hard, fall back on protein shakes with lots of good berries or high-fiber fruits whipped in.

**Talk to people. It’s good to talk to people. Describe the way you feel, hold the ones you love, comfort each other, visit your respective faith-centers. Go online and chat about it.

**Listen to people. Especially young people who have never lived in or experienced worldwide conflicts. They need to talk. They need reassurance. They need someone to listen.

**Get plenty of sleep.

**Drink lots and lots of water. Keep a water bottle at hand, keep it filled, and sip all day. Think of it as your security bottle. Cut back on caffeine, which can heighten your body’s stress response.

Some of you, I know, have lived with conflict all your lives and are used to it, have found a way to live and be healthy within it. For many of you, this is all new, and you’ll need to find your way. Do actively look for a way to maintain your health within conflict. It will make you stronger and healthier in the long run if you can succeed at this.

Wishing you peace in your hearts,


Learn to Comfort Yourself
National Mental Health Association, “Waiting for War”
Caffiene and Stress

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