Skinny Daily Post


So you’ve worked really hard at strength training for a few months. What have you got to show for that work?

A bunch of muscle, that’s what.

I can barely get used to the feeling of having a bunch of muscle where once there was fat.

Fat is polite. It doesn’t pester you. It just sits there, inert. It hasn’t got any personality. It makes no demands. It cushions, it insulates, it muffles every experience, it waits around to be used. But it’s not active.

Muscles are different. Muscles talk all day long. They’re noisy, demanding, pushy. They feel everything. They notice every change in weather, can discern whether the fabric on the chair is wool or silk. They narrate your day.

With muscles, you’ll be in the middle of a perfectly good thought, when they interrupt, overriding the discourse in your mind with “When was our last set of pushups?” and “Stretch me.” “Now.”

I’m saying they’re a little rude. Spoiled children. They speak when not spoken to.

And just like fat, muscle is self-perpetuating. That is, once you tip over from being mostly flaccid to mostly fit, getting still more fit is really easy. Your nagging muscles will insist on activity. Your heart muscle will demand its aerobics. Your legs, arms, back, abs will insist on being used.

That may not seem possible today. I can hardly believe I hear myself saying it.

But I swear to you that it’s true.

I’m not saying you’ll learn to love exercise, but if you keep working on it now, eventually, your body will insist on it.

Keep going,

Fit, fitter, fittest
Exercise Addiction
Follow this link, exchanging the word “children” for “muscles”

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