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I’m home. It was strange to walk into my house and look outside. I felt inside out. I’ve been living in small, cozy rooms with views to forever, and walked into my very American great-room whose windows are walled in by trees — a flipped sense of scale that is very odd.

I’ve pawed through my mail, sorted the bills and laundry, stowed the suitcases. I’ve visited family, restocked with eggs and a few fresh things. Trying to make good on my desire to market the way I did in Ireland, going to the store often, using a basket, buying fresh rather than hauling home cartfuls of things that will spoil before I can cook them.

I pulled together my to-do list.

Already had my first migraine.

And, of course, I got on the scale for the first time in a month.


I didn’t gain. I didn’t lose. How about that? I thought for sure I’d see a drop in weight, but I didn’t. I did drop a half inch off my hips, interestingly. And I may have dropped a percentage point or two or even three in body fat. I have to weigh myself a few times before I can decide. Water retention can play havoc with those body fat scales.

I have definitely been eating and drinking many more calories over the past month, and exercising more often and more intensely.

Boosting my metabolism is job #1 for me now that I see it’s possible. I’m bent on maintaining that boost I found over my vacation. And actually, I’d like to build on it.

Here are my metabolism boosting goals:

*I’m going to run or swim hard 4 times per week.
*I’ll bring walking shoes to work, and get in a couple of miles of brisk walking every day.
*I’ll get back to Pilates classes as soon as I can.
*I’ll eat at my higher calorie range, and occasionally have days when I eat even more, about every fourth day or so, eat an extra 500 calories. Just to see if I can handle more without gaining.
*I’ll focus for the next month or two on strength training while watching TV.
*I’ll be really good about getting my protein in.

I use a Tanita body fat/weight scale at home, and it tries to predict what my calorie range should be based on my weight and body fat measurements. It keeps suggesting I should be eating somewhere close to 2800 calories per day to maintain my present physique.

In fact I’ve just managed to boost my daily average from 1100 to 1400-1500 calories to maintain my weight. I’ll be thrilled if I can achieve 1800 calories per day. I’m hoping over the next couple of months I can push my metabolism that high.

I’m not sure just when the game shifted for me. I suppose the minute I saw that a new game was possible. It feels great to have a new goal, though. Working relentlessly on the weight number gets pretty old. Working on body fat numbers is so rewardless after a certain point. But working on INCREASING calorie consumption? Now that’s a fun game, ladies and gentlemen.

I wish I had taken the time to work on this metabolism boosting during my big weight loss. I have a feeling the modern theories are right, that the weight will come off faster and more healthfully in the long run if you work hard to maintain your metabolism as the weight comes off by taking frequent “breaks” from your diet program to increase your calorie load now and then so your body doesn’t become accustomed to the forced famine of a long weight loss effort.

But, you know, I was just in too big of a hurry to lose my weight, and became phobic about food and calories. As we do. That’s what we do.

So, now, a new goal.

Think today about your own metabolic journey. Can you eat now the way you could when you were a kid, a teenager, last year? How has your metabolism shifted over time, and how does that track with your activity levels?

Then follow the links below to learn how to maintain and boost your metabolism while your weight comes down. It makes for interesting reading, interesting meditation, and even more interesting experimentation.


Redbook on Metabolism Boosters
My favorite, Jonny Bowden, on Mastering Your Metabolism
All about the Nauruans on metabolism

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