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It isn’t often I make a suggestion that’s likely to bring DOWN the U.S. GNP. But because it’s already low, and may or may not have hit the bottom, and because I know only 10% of Skinny Daily readers are inclined to take my advice, ever, thinking as you do that I speak in metaphors, when I never, ever, EVER do, any further dip in our national economic performance brought about through irresponsible journalism here is liable to go unnoticed. That’s my theory. And so my advice:

Play hooky for a day.

No kidding. A whole day. Or at least an afternoon. Two hours? Call in sick. Or if you just can’t, then put in extra hours for a few days, and then take a day off. Interrupt your schedule. Don’t make it part of a family vacation, don’t make it a special day to spend with your kids or a time to cover those vet appointments. Go somewhere. Do something. If you like shopping, then shop. If you like reading, read. If you like to pamper yourself, book yourself into a day spa. Napping is your thing? Yeah, you and me.

You don’t have to tell anybody what you’re doing or where you’re going. A little unaccounted for time is what I’m saying. A day or a few hours off.


Offline, off limits, out of touch, out of contact, ex communicado, baby.

It’s not going to completely destress you, detox you, unravel your knots to avoid your morning routine, the nasty commute, to dodge a department meeting, or two. Or three. But it’ll help.

Why am I recommending this?

Stress makes you fat. Stress causes inflammation in your body, which makes all your systems work less efficiently. Stress is just bad for you, and giving yourself a little break now and then is really the best way to cut into it. Extend your life. Cool your jets. Give your body a chance to catch up.

Well, so you can’t do it, huh?

I know. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve had that feeling. Consider why you believe you can’t. Consider whether things in your life can be changed so that some day you can. Meantime, get up from your chair, and go to the restroom, and sit in the stall and breathe. (Well, pick your moment, I guess.) For just 10 minutes. Once or twice a day. Use a timer. Close your eyes, and just breathe, and try not to think about anything at all.

Really. You need to do this. You know you do. Not all the time. Not enough to get fired. Just once in awhile. Just to recharge your batteries.

(If you work in H.R., please don’t bother to write. I know how much you hate this post already. I do. I feel your pain. Go breathe. you’ll feel better.)

If you play hooky and use that time to catch up on laundry, I’ll just cry. I’m not kidding. And you don’t want to see me cry. It’s a puffy, blotchy, snotful, unpretty thing.


U.S. GNP, which we will not affect
But Choose Your Moment Carefully
Tips for Beating Stress from

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