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All we really, really, really need is a half hour of warming exercise every day. Not a major huff and puff. Not a huge commitment. A brisk walk. 30 minutes. Moderate.

That’s 15 minutes out and 15 back.

That’s a half-hour sitcom on a treadmill or exercise bike.

You barely need to break a sweat. You only need to pant a little.

It’s half a lunch hour. It’s two coffee breaks.

It’s just enough time for that casserole to heat through before supper.

It’s a dog walk. Decompression time with your spouse. A way to hear about your kids’ day.

It’s not a huge time commitment.

What can a half an hour of moderate exercise possibly do?

Stave off heart disease, divert cancer, manage your digestion a whole lot better.

It can help you sleep, keep asthma under control, keep arthritis at bay.

It can lower your blood pressure, keep diabetes out of the picture.

It can actually help preserve your memory, not to mention your sanity, keeping your stress in check.

Of course, it can burn calories, and make you a better burner.

It improves circulation, that little process that moves important nutrients throughout all the tissues of your body. It feeds your brain. It produces pain-managing endorphins.

In short, it gives you a life worth living, no matter what size you are.

Don’t wait to exercise. Start now. Just a half an hour each day.

Start with five minutes. Work your way up. You may find after a year or so that without even trying you’ve pushed it to a whole hour now and then, and once in awhile you even enjoyed it.

You deserve this. You deserve your greatest possible health. You do.


Finding the right way for you, from Mayo Clinic
How much exercise is enough? From MSNBC

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