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Forget anyone on your gift list? The neighbors, the post workers, your cousins and coworkers? How about yourself? What’s on your list for you this season?

It’s the Eve of our family’s holiday, and I’m sitting here in a pensive mood, ready to head off to dine with buddies, considering gifts I have given, wondering if I’ve forgotten anyone, worried that I’ve left some gift hidden in a drawer somewhere, unwrapped.

And I realize I need to make a little gift list for myself. This year I’m giving myself a few things that will make me healthier, stronger, easier to live with, more energetic, more able to focus on what I want and need to do well. That’s right, these are gifts that give a lot to the people I love and to those who have to put up with me:

*Workout classes
*Mini commercial-break workouts every time I watch T.V. (pushups, situps, squats)
*Time to write
*Tools and time each week to make and pack nutritious meals and snacks
*Weight management support group meetings
*Wonderful teas
*A few appointments with an exercise trainer to check my form, make some tweaks
*A big jar of fish oil tablets – everybody needs them
*Magnesium and calcium supplements – we need these too
*Try 4 new vegetables this year
*Try 2 new fruits
*1 or 2 hiking trips with Hubby
*More family time
*Really actually eat those 6-8 vegetable and fruit servings every single day.
*Really actually, honestly, truly drink 8-12 glasses of water every single day.

That’s my list. What’s yours? Make a list in your journal, and open it several times during the year, to be sure you make good on these gifts you promised yourself. Put them in your planner, tap them into your Palm, post-it note them to your bathroom mirror, whatever way that works to help you remember that you need to give yourself the gift of great health this year. You need to invest a little effort to make it happen.

Also, by the way, you reading this. You, there. You are also a great gift to me. Thanks for helping The Skinny Daily Post become such an important part of my life this year. It’s one thing to write it. It’s quite another to know you read it. Thank you, so much.

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