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Now. Right now. For ten minutes, stop reading, stand, and move. Go for a walk, or climb stairs, or hop on a treadmill, or walk in place in the bathroom, or do a few calisthenics, some tai chi, or lift weights, or walk the dog, or use your therabands. Ten minutes. Set an egg timer. Put on some music, and dance for three songs. I’ll do it with you. Ready? Let’s go…

(10 minutes later…)

Done? There. How do you feel? Warm all over? Loose? A little sweaty? A little out of breath or a lot? Can you feel your circulation circulating? Can you just imagine how increased blood flow is helping all of your systems work better?

More oxygen traveling to all of your tissues, more give and take of nutrients? It makes sense that your digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, all those systems you learned about so long ago, they’re all working better now, aren’t they?

And don’t you feel just a bit proud of yourself? Don’t you? You’re 10 minutes ahead of the game. If you already worked out today, you’re way ahead. If you haven’t, you have 10 in the bank.

Did anybody miss you? Did your world crumble? Did you get in trouble? Did anything go undone because you used that 10 minutes to improve your health?

No, me either.

So we just figured out how to fit exercise into our busy lives. Aren’t we clever? You stop reading, and I’ll stop writing, and let’s go get in 10 more…

10 minutes counts, The Walking Connection

Men’s Fitness 10-minute Total Body Workout

Woman’s Day, Keli Roberts 10-minute Workout

One thought on “Give me Ten

  1. JuJu says:

    Email subscribers: Still trying to reach bloglet. That may mean tomorrow’s edition is still messy. Sorry about that. I’m trying every trick I know, including bribes. Hang in there. Soon all will be smooth again!

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