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This weight loss stuff is harder than most people think. It takes work, takes time, takes focus. And itís so very lonely. Few people will care about your work on your body. Itís really not an interesting subject for watercooler conversation after the first week or two.

This is your project, and unless you have a regular weight loss group to share in your success, youíll find yourself all by yourself when you are celebrating your successes. Not that thatís a bad thing. All you have to do is be a good friend. To yourself.

So, when things go right, when you achieve goals, when youíve stuck to your program three days in a row, when youíve gotten back into those jeans, that shirt, when you pull in one more notch on your belt, finish one half-mile more, kick the soda-pop habit, remember to take your vitamins, start walking on your lunch hour, get a membership at the gym, count all your calories, do calisthenics during commercial breaks:

Be nice to yourself.

Give yourself a present, send yourself a card, sock some money away for a big gift, a nice piece of bling bling to mark the day, or take a day off, take a nap, get a massage or a manicure. Find some way to lavish attention on yourself for successes large and small. Call someone you like and tell them youíre proud of yourself, and tell them you want an atta-boy. Youíll get it. Go online and share your success on one of the diet boards. Youíll find thousands of generous hearts willing to tell you youíre wonderful.

Oh, okay, youíre too cool a customer to need this? Donít kid yourself. I donít care how adult you think you are, you do need praise. We all do. Thatís just human. Itís not something we outgrow. If you can give it to yourself, you are self-sufficient. Many of us are working toward that, but are not quite there yet, so we need to hear it from others. Either way, get yourself what you need. A little energy to keep going.

Niceness counts.

And, by the way, if youíve got some to spare, you might make a trip out to the diet boards or into your nearest weight loss support class to offer up some niceness to someone else whoís succeeding. Niceness is catchy.

Pay it Forward

3 thoughts on “Niceness Counts

  1. pat says:

    look this site over…………….good

  2. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for your insight!

  3. kickykate says:

    Dear ju-ju,
    I is the support I have received from you primarily that has helped me become healthy and more fit than ever.I feeel your aignst and your glee in your skinny daily post and I love all the comments your missives have prompted. sorry I missed your visit to DC, I would have very much like to have met you personally.thanks,Kathy

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