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Okay you tried but you canít keep a journal. Really itís just too much to ask for. Youíre way too busy, and a journal is just too, oh I donít know, fusty or something. Itís too out there, too dangerous, too limiting. You tried it for a couple of weeks, but itís just not you.

Okay. So try this instead. Think of someone you havenít seen in a long time. An old school mate. Someone you used to share everything with. You knew them front and back and they knew you. Or a sibling. Or your Ma. Think of someone who would already know what you are thinking before you think it, but want to hear what you are thinking anyway.

And write that person a letter.

Write them a letter when youíre trying not to overeat. Write to them when you need to motivate yourself to go for a walk. Write to them when there are chips in the pantry, and your skin and heart ache for them. Write to them when you feel as if youíll never get your health back. Write to them when you need courage to try anyway. Write to them when you donít feel the effort is worth it. Write when you donít feel youíre worth it.

Just sit down when you have these feelings, and write these letters. You can use all the journal assignments from to get you started, if you need structure. Or just, as the saying goes, pour your heart out on the page.

Of course, you donít have to send any of these letters, or even keep them. Itís the act of writing them weíre after here. To write you have to think, focus, and then use some mechanical method, a typewriter, a pen, get your deliberated ideas down. There is a kind of magic in that. Something about forcing your words through your hands onto paper or screen helps you find answers to tough questions. It helps kind of unlock your innate wisdom, and the self-preserving voice in your head and heart.

Or if you like, do keep your letters, and when youíve reached your health goals, reread them, and remember where you came from. You might bind them up, put a cover on them, and call them — er– your journal?

Journal Writing for Beginners

Intensive Journal Writing

3 thoughts on “Sit Right Down

  1. Karen says:

    I would really like to Journal. I do journal my food and exercise but I would like also to keep a sort of diary of daily events. I’m afraid of someone “finding” it and reading it. As I’m also tempted to write my feelings about family memebers… which I would not want them to read but venting makes me feel better.. I started one, and was so nervous about it, I ripped it up and threw it away… Any suggestions?

  2. Nneka says:

    This is an awesome sight design aesthetically, and functionally. I just love the icons on the top. Great job!

  3. JuJu says:

    Hi Karen. I understand that feeling. I really do. What I’ve learned about my journal is, no one is interested in it. I write in it all the time, leave it around, and no one, I think, is ever tempted by it.

    Of course I don’t announce that “I’m writing my innermost thoughts and feelings in this red book here, so don’t anyone read it. It’s very, very private.” So why would they be tempted. They see me writing in the book all the time, but then, I write everything in it, meeting notes, lists, travel plans, everything. So it looks boring and almost functions more as a day planner.

    Maybe ripping up your diary is not a bad idea if you’re very nervous that someone will invade your privacy, help themselves to what you’ve written. At least you have the chance to vent and think.

    But if you’d like to keep what you write, you can save a tree and do your venting on computer, locking the documents behind a password so no one but you can open it.

    Or go online at a bulletin board, where your identity is hidden, and do all the venting you want with people who understand.

    Of course you can start a public or private blog under an assumed identity too, and keep your writing private that way.

    There are always those clever little books with combination locks and keys.

    That is, you always work around snoops.

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