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I stopped putting cream in my coffee.

I had more or less promised myself that I would never stop putting cream in my coffee. The coffee, and the cream, are my last vices, or at least the last ones Im willing to share here, and I want nothing less than to be a viceless woman. Giving up coffee with cream has felt to me like giving up myself. It seemed an emblem of failure.

Yes, I know this is crazy talk. Working for a really long time to lose weight, get your health back, makes for a lot of crazy thoughts. We are clinging to the face of a mountain, in love with our current handholds. We hold on there for a long time, in fear of falling, and then when we finally let go, we scrabble for the next grip, never wanting to lose our hold on the new one.

I gave up sugar, gave up flour, gave up most wheat products, gave up smoking, gave up drinking, gave up the notion that I could live without exercise. But give up cream in my coffee? Much less coffee itself? Get your own grip, Gary. I would never.

Ive held a death grip on my morning coffee with cream for the past two years.

I believe Ive mentioned that Ive had a hard time shaking my holiday pounds? Well, I gave up starting each day with cream in my coffee, and within three weeks, those extra pounds have wandered away.

I dont know if its the calories or the fat. I suspect its neither and both, but also believe, fully, that its a matter of shaking up my routine. Making changes, A small tweak like this that wakes up my metabolic skunkworks, gets it thinking about fair exchange, about give and take again. A knowing reader, herself a success at long-term, massive weight loss, suggested to me that I look for some small way to shake up my routine, and this was it. She was right.

Little fixes like changing your workout, switching classes, mixing up your foods, can sometimes help pound through a plateau. Raising your calories for awhile before lowering them again, putting fruit in your morning protein shake, or leaving it out for awhile, cutting the cream in your coffee or adding it.

How to decide what little fixes to try? When you hear yourself saying I will never, as in, I will never eat raw vegetables, or I will never join a gym, or I will never give up my ice cream, or I will never give up the cream in my coffee, consider whether that grip is getting a little old.

My next grip: quitting coffee altogether. Thatll take awhile. Give me another couple of years will you?

The dreaded weight loss plateau,

Coffee drinks and your diet

2 thoughts on “Losing Your Grip

  1. Marsha Golletti says:

    Hi Julie,
    This is from Marsha (Langley) (Petrucci) now Golletti, Jack’s old Westminster College friend. I read about your web site after Jack mentioned it in this year’s Christmas card and have been reading it every day, while also trying to catch up on everything you wrote last year. You’re an inspiration, and I am getting a lot of help from what you write. I also love that I know you both, know your families and understand your references to Pittsburgh, Westminster, etc.

    Anyway, you wrote recently asking for which particular entries made strong impressions on your readers. Remembering that I have not yet read any of them from March 29 to December 31, 2003, here are the ones I have liked the most so far, in no particular order:
    Weight Loss Peaks and Valleys
    You are an Animal
    Seeding Success
    Beating Gym Phobia
    Raise Your Inner Puppy
    Belly Dancing, or Whatever
    A Little Dive and Save Workout
    Home Sweet Gym
    Kid Stuff
    Stair Master
    Those Wussy Athletes
    No One Will Love You
    Changes That Work
    Dumping the Resolution
    The Smallest Things
    Go Ahead, Start Something
    Compound Interest

    Keep up the great work. Say hi to Jack and tell him I think about him a lot. Really. He is one of my very favorite people.

  2. bets' says:

    I loved, once again, reading your entry. And today to hear a response from M. G. was wonderful!!! My p.s to today’s “Grip” is ‘It will be pretty tough to break that coffee habit with the coffee Master Jack still brewing it!!’ 🙂

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