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Every diet program has a maintenance plan. And while you are working to lose weight and grow more fit, why not take a few minutes to think through your maintenance program now? Or if youíre ready to take a temporary or permanent break from dieting, how about starting your maintenance plan this week?

If you arenít going to follow somebody elseís plan, then youíll need to figure out your own. It really helps to write down your intentions, your design, create for yourself a little set of operating instructions. How will you maintain your good health, your healthy weight, once youíve reached it? How are you planning to get in your regular exercise? How many meals, and when will you have them, and what sorts of food will you eat?

Does this maintenance plan sound suspiciously like a diet plan? Sure it does. Thatís what maintaining something as complex and wondrous as a human body takes. Thatís what your body and you deserve. You deserve diligent and constant attention to the upkeep of your miraculous body. Every day. Forever. Anybody whoís succeeded at keeping their weight off will tell you so.

These people who are successful at maintenance wonít say theyíre perfect. They wonít say they donít sometimes eat off plan. They will admit that a whole week may slip by every so often when they get hardly any good sweat in at all. But for the most part, they average lots of exercise and careful monitoring of their food, and plan to keep it up until they drop.

Now is a good time to accept it: Mindful maintenance of your good health is not something you start and stop. You donít go off maintenance. Maintenance is what you do for the duration. Itís there for you to accomplish every day. You maintain by brushing your teeth, washing your surfaces, dressing to manage the weather and your environment, getting your exercise, and eating just enough of many different kinds of nourishing foods. And it doesnít hurt to take a few vitamins and minerals too.

If you donít have a clue about what your body will need, then make a plan for finding out. Consider a nutrition class, a cooking class, an exercise class or two. Will you join the local gym? Buy a few books? Figure out how you will learn to maintain your body first, and then use what youíve learned to make a plan later.

Just get out that body log or journal and answer the question: Whatís it going to be like, your life on the other side of your weight loss?

National Weight Control Registry

Tips for maintenance from Mayo Health Source

Maintenance Tips from WeightWatchers

6 thoughts on “Make Your Maintenance Plan Now

  1. Barb says:

    Being about 30 pounds into a 110 pound weight loss, I thought I was doing the hard work now. I’m just starting to realize that it’s AFTER that will be the real challenge! I saw Dr. Jim Wood from the National Diet Registry on television today and he spoke about the necessity of balancing calories with activity. Nothing new, of course, he was very straight-forward about that. He was there to promote his new book which helps you do the math of calculating just how active you need to be in order to lose or maintain your weight. He talked about how your metabolism drops as you lose weight, so you must be more active to compensate for that. That’s the kind of info I need! Hopefully, that kind of info can be found without having to buy a book.
    Juju, I want to tell you- all your realistic and helpful advice and the great info that you give access too- makes me feel like I will continue to be successful in my weight loss and after. Thank you! Barb

  2. Aimee Wolf says:

    Something in your comments about making a maintenance plan really struck a chord with me. I have successfully lost weight with Weight Watchers, but I’m finding Lifetime status more of a struggle than the losing phase. Losing weight seems like a dynamic process with a goal, whereas maintenance feels like treading water. Will you provide insight regarding what your own maintenance plan looks like? Do you have a daily or weekly blueprint you follow (and if so, will you share it)? It’s easy to say that maintenance is portion control and exercise, but I need something more specific. Thanks!

  3. kathleen garlington says:

    i feel that reading the skinny daily really motivates and inspires me but i feel overwhelmed. there’s so much to read i can’t keep up. i still haven’t lost any weight yet but i am exercising. my cockapoo louie is addicted to walks. he follows me everywhere now.

  4. kathyh.kovacsi says:

    i agree that I enjoy reading the Skinny Daily Post and I can’t thank you enough for writing it, Julie G Ridl. how do I plan for my maintenince phase?this is the first time
    I ever lost so much weight and I want it to be the last time since I’m eating healthy
    again. kathy

  5. JuJu says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Congratulations on losing the weight you have!

    The maintenance plans in most diets help you slowly increase calories until you find the right food consumption and exercise level to remain at your current weight.

    I don’t know how you lost your weight, but for me, my maintenance diet and my weight loss diet are pretty similar. The only way I can comfortably eat more is by exercising more…

  6. Stretchy says:

    I have been on maintenance for two years.
    At first , gaining 8 lbs due to being glad about being “done”
    …then realizing I was never going to be done.
    I was sad for about two weeks, then got busy losing the regained pounds,and deciding what I wanted. It took me seven months to lose the weight, did I want to gain it back? NO.
    Maintenance is just slightly easier for me than the diet, I get a few ‘treats’ but I stay aware. AWARE. And my body doesn’t want large portions or too much chocolate anymore.

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