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You’ve cased your neighborhood, your city, your region for exercise classes. You understand every offering. You’ve analyzed every opportunity, but you simply can’t find a form of exercise that suits you exactly. It’s not the right night for one, not the right thing, not the right day or time, not close enough or convenient enough for your friends. Now what?

Try hosting your own. Finding exercise leaders isn’t all that hard. Dance instructors, Pilates instructors, Yoga instructors, trainers. Aerobic fitness leaders, functional fitness trainers, weight lifters, ex Navy Seals or drill sergeants. They show up wherever there’s room enough, enough bodies, and where their fee will be covered. All you need is an instructor and a space. Could be your living room, your church basement, your nearby school gym or community center.

It doesn’t take much organizational genius to bring the exercise class to you. And the nice thing about organizing it yourself is that you can invite your closest friends to get together one or two nights a week, mornings per week, lunch hours per week, after-getting-the-kids-off-to-school-hour per week, and combine social time and workout time.

We tried this a couple of years ago, hosting a ballroom dance class in our livingroom. It took a little planning and effort to lose the furniture one night per week, but our friends easily split the cost of the instructor with us, brought hors d’ouvres and wine with them, and we managed to raise our heart rates, get in a few laughs, and catch up on news, share grandkid photos all at once.

I’d like to say we learned a lot about the Mambo, the Samba, and the Tango, but that would be a lie. The instructor was gifted, and a good sport, but she couldn’t overcome the combined effects of age, wine, and left-footedness. We had a ball.

It’s easy to give up on the notion of moving when the kind of movement you want to do isn’t conveniently packaged. But design your own, and you not only get exactly what you need, but make it available to others who need it too. So, what will it be? A team sky-diving class? A morning sculling crew? A senior extreme rollerblading club? What suits your fancy and your friends’ fancy?

Find an ACE instructor

Find a Pilates pro

One thought on “Do It Your Way

  1. Squeedle says:

    My god, what an excellent idea.

    Now if only I could construct and take down a lap pool in my living room every morning…

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