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Oh boy. It could be dangerous.

MoPie of Mr.Ointy, Kat of Skinnykat, and moi at JournalCon, Washington D.C. The event runs August 20-22. We will do our hour’s presentation on the 21st. Hotel Helix. Logan Circle area.

What’s so great about it? You haven’t been to a JournalCon, or you wouldn’t have to ask. Okay, neither have I, but I have lusted in my heart for these events.

And, the organizer, RussiaGirl, is trying even now to snag Sally Squires, of the Lean Plate Club (she’s gotta have a Pulitzer for this), to moderate. OHPLEASEGODLETHERSAYYES.

So, if you’re in the Washington Area, or if you think August is a good time to visit Washington, and if you like writing on the Web, or want to try, or would like to spend a weekend thinking about it, or just want to meet up with others who do, then come on down to JournalCon.

The three of us write about our struggles with our bodies and bodily ideals, with managing our weight in this day and age, and we do things differently and the same and not and stuff. So if you’re interested in that, or have something you want to say yourself about all of that, then come on down. We’d love to see you.

And no, EJShea won’t be with us, except in spirit. It’s one week before her wedding, after all.

4 thoughts on “Meetup in D.C. August 21

  1. Sheri says:

    Oh man, BUMMER!! I live in the DC burbs and would love to attend this, but I am in Ohio that whole weekend for a family reunion. Drat, that sounds like a great event!! Hope you have fun in DC.

  2. KD Morris says:

    Thank you for being here.

  3. Sally Squires says:

    Hi Julie: Just to close the loop…Erin has indeed contacted me and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again on August 21. Thanks for inviting me to participate! Sounds like a great time.
    All best,

  4. JuJu says:


    Okay folks. There it is. Come to see Sally Squires live and in person, along with MoPie, Kat, and me.

    Sally, you do rock. Thank you so much.


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