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Well, really. how hot was our panel?

Yesterday four of us who write about diet/body issues grabbed panel seats (and were awarded very cool Russian hats) at JournalCon D.C..

The question is rhetorical, of course. We were hot and are hot. Hot. HoT. HOT!

Mo, of course, is the queen of HOT and wore her tiara, thank goodness, so noone could possibly become confused. She’s actual royalty. It was good to catch the hem of her train. I swear it was so good.

We had Kat of SkinnyKat who would prefer that I not describe her beauty in too much detail, though it’s hard to restrain myself, Juliekins, Throesofwhatever, who has dimples so gorgeously placed that I suspect surgical adaptation (did you really think we would BELIEVE in them?), and Mo of Mr. Ointy and Big Fat Deal, moderated by Sally Squires of the Washington Post’s Lean Plate Club, the one place I’ve ever found where real and helpful health information is shared in a way that doesn’t make you want to scream. It deserves to be said that Squires is genuine in her desire to inform fairly and with great care. And for that I will always be grateful.

And then there were lots of folks in the audience who could have easily been panelists and had great points and stories to share. And the whole discussion went very quickly exactly where you’d expect it to go in this crowd, to the question of Feminism, which from my point of view is really, secretly, the question of Beauty and our very uneasy relationship with it and our desire to be free of it pitted against our tendency to be compelled by it. And the fat/beautiy issue. And well, it’s just such a sticky wicket, isn’t it?

What’s my favorite moment? Probably when Kat said “how” is interesting and necessary to know, but we really need to figure out the “why.” Why are we struggling with our weight, health, fitness? Why do we want or need to become smaller, healthier, more fit? The Why. Eureka. We should know that about ourselves. Gad. She’s such a genius.

And that sort of brings me back to what I love about this internet business. So many voices, so much wisdom, so many truths, so many random acts of kindness. And just when you thought you’d had it all figured out, somebody says something new that spins your head around.

I love that.

One thought on “Very Hot Panel

  1. Carolyn says:

    I had to respond to this post because I was there with you! I wouldn’t have missed it for ANYTHING. Thoughtful, striking observations from the panelists and audience. I wished I could have taped it to catch more. Another wisdom from Kat that I just loved: “It’s the little things on the way up the scale and the little things on the way down.” Sounds too simple, but deep and so incredibly true.

    Sally Squires is in a class by herself, but Julie — you were awesome too!

    You are so complimentary of the others in this posting, but YOU are also a star in every way with refreshing comments that we all need to hear.

    I left knowing that I had rich pondering material for myself and my readers at http://www.AngelGraceNotes for a long, long time.

    Thanks for letting us know about this event!

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