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New outfits, new shoes, new schedules, new people, new places. Whether starting classes this month or not, this back-to-school time of year makes a great season for beginnings. My body is programmed for new things, intellectual and physical. Programmed for a fresh start in September, I’m going to take advantage of it to get some new body thing going.

A new gym? A new yoga class? A new commuting routine, a new place to park so I can walk it in the way those skinny city dwellers do?

It’s time for me to graduate the challenge in my exercise habit. Time to find new aerobics, new strength work, switch from my old summer to a new autumn routine.

I’m perfectly happy with my current forms of exercise. But I know I will grow bored of the same activites and scenery month after month, year after year. Boredom is the most dangerous feeling for me. Boredom is a half step from quitting.

I don’t really like to exercise, but I do it anyway. I may as well make it interesting. So with my summer walking and running wrapping up, it’s time for me to find the next new thing that will carry me through the months of bitter cold and precious little daylight we enjoy in these parts.

I’ve got my eye on a different gym for the mornings. I love anticipating the new place. Who are the popular kids? Will they be nice to me? I’ll need to consider how the contents of my gym bag might change. I’ll organize my workout clothes and shoes, clean out my old gym’s locker. Will I need towels? How are the makeup lights? Hair dryers? I’ll need to test timing on the new route to work.

New lockers, new showers, new equipment, new people, new etiquette, new scenery. I have butterflies. It takes so little to make exercise interesting again. A new class, new shoes, a new DVD or tape, a new gadget or new sport, a new route or new rhythm. The least new thing can inject new focus and attention. What will it be?

Gym Etiquette,

Winterizing your workouts,

4 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Wendy says:

    You are so right! Today was the first day at GVSU and it was the first day I was able to return to my more structured workout. My schedule is different this semester and it was fun to see new faces and begin to get to know new students! The facilities are still the same, but the changes in the faces are interesting. The second change that makes me smile is the new me that I keep encountering as I exercise on a regular basis.

    Let us know more about your “new” place!

  2. magic1 says:

    If I may toot my own horn…I did my first century on Sunday! That’s 100 miles, on a bike. Now, Lance Armstrong (whom I know we all love around here) does that every day for three weeks straight. In the Alps. But it’s not something I’d ever done before and I sure couldn’t have done it at 300 lbs.

    Cycling has long been my thing (even before my weight loss), but I’m looking to get into some running now. I have terrible knees (osteoarthritis, from carrying too much weight for too long) so I will need to take it slow. But in July, I took part in a 5K. I had intended to walk but when I got to the start, I thought it would be too “wimpy” to walk. So I started running and with a few spurts of wlaking (mostly up the hills), I finished running. I figure if I can do that I can anything!!!

  3. JuJu says:

    Holy cow. You may certainly toot your horn. Toot, Blast, play us a long solo, Magic. You rock. I’m so happy for you.

    So you have bad knees but you bike comfortably? I’ve always imagined biking being hard on the knees, are you saying the opposite is true? I ask because my knees are a little tired of running, frankly.

  4. Jenn says:

    When I was having problems with my knees my doctor recommended biking to take the stress off them. I still do it on my non-running days.

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