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Have you checked out the nutritional information for some of those yummy coffee drinks? I was shocked!!! Some of those frappe’d thick milk shake-type concoctions have been looking really tempting. So before I got myself into any more trouble than just looking, I logged onto a couple of websites.

What an eye opener!! Depending on the size, some of those concoctions can run more than 500 calories! I don’t eat that much in a meal! And that new thick dark chocolate that one national company has just started ‘pouring’ clocks in at a whopping 390 calories. Geez!!! All I have to do is add a 20-gram protein shake and I’ve pretty much gotten in everything for the day!

Fortunately, if you choose carefully, it is indeed possible to have a treat that tastes good and is satisfying without wrecking your day. Or your week. A 20-oz coffee has 20 calories [I always thought coffee had 0 – surprise!]. Add two tablespoons of half-and-half, and you’re at 60 calories. Not bad. Sugar free syrup adds 0 calories, and a huge amount of flavor. Really!!!

So it looks like I won’t be changing from my standard order: tea bag chai [not the stuff made in their chai latte mix – too much sugar, too many calories] with about 3 tablespoons of steamed milk, no foam. Summer brings iced decaf with sugar free vanilla syrup and nutmeg. I guess those frappe-coollatta-coffee shake things just won’t ever exist for me.

Several teenagers, including my beautiful niece who’s a champion distance runner now a college freshman, have said that they love these drinks, and have them whenever they can. It’s partly social, because they always go with some friends, never alone, partly taste, partly comfort. But they’re also noticing the pounds creeping on, and they’re upset, but not quite to the point of giving up these treats. It’s a hard choice: being ‘cool’ for drinking these things, and being ‘cool’ because they’re thin or at a normal weight. When do you think the health issues will outweigh [literally!] the hipness?

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  1. Mary says:

    I wonder if I could post a question to you guys or to everyone- for feedback – a what would you do type question. What would you do if you relieve someone who leaves all kinds of treats in the desk. You ask them multiple times very politely to support you and SIMPLY take the treats home and they still do it and even kind of laugh at you -“Hey.. just use willpower” while knowing they are life-long smokers who’s addiction has made their sense of taste diminished.. you sense their games, their utter indifference. You think about going to the boss, but their were other things amiss and really don’t want to pester him with this simple problem. I have thrown her stuff away too, something I really don’t want to do!!! But sometimes being tired when coming on shift it tempts me when their are no other distractions and tossing it before it pesters me is the best thing I can do. What would you guys do??

  2. N. Mallory says:

    Wow, as a confirmed caffeinaholic, I didn’t realize 20oz of coffee was 20cal! It’s true that little things start to add up if you aren’t paying attention.

  3. Denise says:

    The sentence that struck me the most in this essay was towards the end in the paragraph about your niece and her friends. “…they’re noticing the pounds creeping on, and they’re upset, but not quite to the point of giving up these treats.”

    I’ve read soooo much about “the creep”. Many Americans gain weight ever so slowly. Just an extra 100 calories a day is enough to gain 10 lbs a year.

    There is a (new) push for people to maintain a healthy weight through out their lifetimes. But, it is so hard… Our culture has changed soooo much since my grandparents day. Socializing didn’t include going to the corner (any corner, pick a corner…) for a $3 coffee with an extra 100+ calories.

  4. jj says:

    Some coffee chains are starting to offer those cold shake-like coffee drinks in a “lite” or “no fat, no added sugar” versions. But the trick is, you have to know to ask… if you order right off the menu, you’ll get the full calorie version. With a mountain of whipped cream.

    Or better, order a nonfat latte or iced nonfat latte. Coffee, milk and nothing else… I add my own splenda.

  5. magic1 says:

    Since I am trying to save money as well as watching my weight, I’ve started making my own Frappuccino-type drinks at home. I make a big pot of flavored coffee (chocolate raspberry is really good for this) and stick it in the fridge to cool down. (Obviously this takes some advance planning.) Then I just pour some of the iced coffee into a blender with some powdered nonfat milk, sweetener and ice.

    Does anyone know exactly how they make flavored coffees? Is there sugar involved?

  6. Kim says:

    Mary, regarding your above question….. since this is your work space too I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to make it more weight-loss friendly for yourself. Instead of throwing everything away, can you find a pretty container (not see thru) that you can request all goodies be put in and if she doesn’t, put them in the container yourself and then put it out of site. If she’s clueless about weightloss struggles, maybe she would understand this scenario better “if you were trying to quit smoking and I left packs of cigarettes all over the desk, would you be able to use your ‘will power’ every day and not take one?’ good luck!

  7. Ellyn says:

    At these same places you can get treats that are not soooo horrible for you. For example, a nonfat, sugar free vannilla latte. Most of these types of drinks are made with whole milk. Simply by requesting nonfat milk can really make a HUGE difference.

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