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Trust me, Iím no fashion plate. Outfits are generally tossed together, from a few basic colors so that itís relatively easy to get dressed and out the door. As a rule, my wardrobe is based on colors, not textures. But since this pair of grey wide wale cords has crept into the mix, itís raised a few issues.

The texture thing. If Iím paying attention, I wonít wear a ribbed top with them. Just seems to be too much different texture to be right. So what am I wearing now????? The grey cords with a wide ribbed burgundy sweater Ė scooped neck. Smaller ribbed trim. Itís not right.

But as I was driving to work, which wasnít until I noticed this sad combination, it hit me: This is the way I eat!!!!! I choose foods for color, and eat them without paying attention to the texture in my mouth. Is it any wonder that Iím constantly looking for that perfect something to chew on? Thereís often no relationship between the color and the texture, so I go for the beautiful cookie, but am disappointed by the melt-in-the-mouth quality. So I eat another one, looking for that right texture.

Oddly enough, in the few months after the surgery, we were all told to chew chew chew until the food was the consistency of oatmeal. And the more I chewed some foods, the worse they tasted. That mushy texture was OK with me most of the time, however. I guess the key point is that it didnít melt in my mouth. Maybe thatís what Iím looking for?

So whatís a food that tastes good and has a texture I really like? Iíd have to say itís a red pepper. The beautiful color, the slightly sweet taste, the crunchy texture that releases some liquid Ė a sensuous, satisfying mouthful.

The new task Ė well, letís be honest, there are TWO tasks Ė is to first pay more attention to the texture of what Iím eating and less to the color or attractiveness. The second one is to pay more attention to what Iím wearing!!!!

6 thoughts on “Color vs Texture

  1. Jonathan says:

    I’m with you on this one, Jane. One behavior that I’m working on (more or less successfully of late) is when that first cookie or sweet or whatever doesn’t taste good… to STOP EATING IT before going on!As you say, so often I am tricked by the visual appeal or the aroma of a particular food, and then its taste or texture fails to match. To use your metaphor, if I throw on a sweater that totally clashes with my shirt, I always stop and change into something better as soon as I notice. Why not do the same with food?

    Oh, and to stretch the metaphor even a bit more… when I have clothes that don’t fit or are too unappealing, I get rid of them altogether. Perhaps its time to visit my kitchen cabinet…


  2. Quinn says:

    Once again, Jane, you give us lots to think about.

    The period during which I gained all this extra weight was not exactly a period of sartorial excellence. That is, I frequently looked little better than a homeless person. Clean, but …

    And my food choices were every bit as bad.

    Fortunately I’m not in that place any more. Food choices have much improved, and people are now telling me that I “always look so elegant!” Golly!!! And I haven’t even made that much progress on the scale-war yet! Must be all the green and yellow veggies. (Didja know they’re *great* for your skin? Eating them, that is.)

    And the whole grains. Mustn’t forget the whole grains. (Oatmeal. mmmmmm!)

    Maybe this all has something to do with not settling for less than the very best we can get our mitts on. Why waste your hard-earned money on clothing that doesn’t make you look good? Why waste your time eating “food” that doesn’t taste good and won’t nourish your body?


  3. Robert says:

    Never tought of food like that. To each there own

  4. JB says:

    This happened to me just today. I bought a big, beautiful chocolate cookie because I couldn’t resist it.

    Took a bite.

    Ick. Too sweet, not chocolatey enough, gummy texture. So I threw it away, right?

    Not hardly. I ate half of it before finally giving up the dream that it would be the cookie I wanted it to be.

    Hmmmm. One bite, huh? Just like looking in the mirror and noticing you’re wearing a black bra with that pink sweater…? Maybe this is a doable notion for this fashion moron.


  5. Janie says:

    This made me think about a box of Valentine candy I received as a gift last week. The heart shaped box was beautiful with red roses on the top. The heart shaped candy inside looked so tempting and pretty and the aroma of chocolate was wonderful. BUT… the taste and texture of the candy was just awful. It was a very small box, but I ate half the candy. I threw the rest in the garbage can. I was so upset with myself for eating something I didn’t even enjoy. This article made me stop and think again. Thanks for the inspiration. You are doing a great job!

  6. K Postmus says:

    I have decided I would really have one really really good dark chocolate than a whole bag of Hersheys kisses. It is more satisfying and satisfies the craving.

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