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Did you realize that nowhere on a single serving package does it say that you have to eat it in one sitting? This came to me as quite a “click” moment — maybe even an epiphany! Obviously, because of the surgery I cant eat as much as I used to, but it’s possible to make the effort to try.

It started with a small bag of pretzels. Not the best choice, but not a terrible one either. The doctors had said that I could start adding in small amounts of carbs. I chose pretzels. I love them. Let’s not discuss the fact (right now at least) that I later discovered that theyre a powerful binge trigger for me.

There were more carbs in that little package than I had been eating in a day at that point. And my dump-o-meter was set fairly low [I could eat about 18 grams before becoming nauseated]. So I realized that I couldn’t eat the entire little package at one time. It took me two days to finish.

And that’s when it hit: Just because a package says that it’s one serving doesn’t mean that you have to eat it at one sitting.

Think of the implications! Nine small pieces of chocolate spread out through the day! Three or four cookies eaten at different times — dessert for lunch, dessert for dinner, PLUS that all-important afternoon snack!

We’re always making choices, and let’s face it, some of them are smarter than others. Even if we’re determined to make a less-than-perfect choice, damage control is possible. But in general, a single serving of anything is fine. In my opinion, spreading it out through the day makes it more enjoyable, and I’m less likely to keep eating more. I know another treat is coming, and often I can control my impulses [often, not always].

The key is, though, is to pick something other than a binge trigger as the treat. Yes. I had to give up pretzels. As much as I love them, they set me off. Thank goodness for chocolate!!

But as a postscript, there’s a fair bit of work to be done in figuring out WHY I need this treat. Even though it might be only a small amount of not-so-good food, what’s going on that I’m making this a choice? For now, let’s just be grateful that it’s a controlled amount.

6 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. Ellie Dworak says:

    oooh yeah, pretzels set me off, too, big time. What is it? The salty crunchy carbiness? I’ve found that I can use something salty crunchy but a little more whole grain and/or proteiny instead: tortilla chips (small amount) or soy crisps. But in general I avoid salty crunchy goodness right now.

  2. Christine M. Coppa says:

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  3. jonquil says:

    Jane, this question shows the depth of my ignorance about WLS, but what’s a “dump-o-meter?”

  4. Jane says:

    apologies, jonquil, and anyone else who doesn’t understand this.

    two major issues with the RNY are ‘pouch filling issues’ [a nice way to say that if something gets stuck, or you eat too fast, or eat one bite too much, you’re gonna be tossing in the bathroom], and dumping. They’re not the same. Dumping is a term used to describe a sudden sugar/carb/fat load that goes directly into the small intestine [since we now lack a pyloric valve to meter the outflow]. it’s a physiological reaction characterized by sweats, nausea, chills, dizziness, etc. very unpleasant. we avoid doing this.

    the ‘too much’ level that triggers this reaction differs for everyone, but almost no one dumps on 15 grams of carbs. right after the surger, i could manage 15 grams, but not the 18 grams in a SF/FF yogurt. [some of this reaction also depends on the form of the carb – things like ice cream are dangerous because they just go straight through – something that requires chewing takes longer, and if the carb is eaten with protein and veg, the reaction might not happen – just like with the glycemic index!].

    right now, i can probably manage about 30 grams of carbs and that’s not good.,

    anyway – the level at which this dumping reaction is nicknamed the dump-o-meter. differs for everyone.

  5. Sara says:

    Isn’t that cool. I had that same realization when I realized that I can’t eat a whole candybar because it makes me ill. But one bite is a wonderful treat. 🙂

    I will get a milky way bar at the start of the week and cut off a piece and wrap the rest up. The bar lasts all week. (drives my co-workers crazy)

  6. Susan says:

    Ooo, I like to do that chocolate bar trick, too. I haven’t had the WLS, but I figured something out which is cool-O and enables the fun snack tricks.

    Somebody several days back posted something about appetite fluctuating based on sugar and simple carb intake, and that’s definitely true for me. My appetite rockets back to normal-person levels after I eat a normal-person meal (you know, with potatoes and bread, followed by, say, flan), and then the next day or two I’m hungry for more french fries and flan. So, but, conversely, when I’m on my regular weekday eating (’cause I usually eat like a normal person on the weekends and like me on the weekdays), my regular appetite returns, and my regular appetite, after a few years of eating abnormally, is much smaller than when I used to be a normal person. (Actually a better word to describe my new appetite is “quieter.” What were shrieks of hunger when I was a flan devotee are now mild, occasional “ahems” now that I’m into the beet greens ‘n broccoli detail.) My new, mannerly appetite means that during the week I can perform feats, like eating one row of squares of a chocolate bar and then pushing the rest of the candy away with a little satisfied gasp. “Oh, my, no, I simply couldn’t.” It’s still a little bit hard to make the gasp convincing, but it’s not impossible, like it would be if it were the day after I ate a pile of flan.

    I find that impressing people with these little feats of self-restraint is really, really fun. I like to go to the movies midweek with my habitually skinny friend of 25 years and eat like three pieces of popcorn and then fiddle around lackadaisically with a smuggled-in orange for the rest of the movie while she finishes off the bag of popcorn. She and I are again the same size, just like we were in high school, and she thinks I’m some kind of superhero. I might think I was a superhero, too, if I hadn’t discovered the secret of the flan.

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