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A national women’s magazine – the kind you can pick up at the grocery store checkout – recently ran a feature on the latest thinking in diets: portion control! No news to us, is it. But there were some interesting statements in there. There were messages like “you can pick and choose your portion, as long as you know what you can have and how much you’re eating. And one big comment on the fact that not even dieticians are able to state the number of calories in a plate of food placed in front of them!

Switching the emphasis from dictating the exact composition of what we should eat [and avoid] during every single day to managing our own choices brought back memories of my first dieting attempts – in high school. The doctor gave me a diet – so much of this, so much of that, and included items that were considered to be edible, but not in my world! Was anyone else instructed to have a glass of milk with vanilla extract before bed? Not only was I never a nighttime snacker, drinking milk with vanilla extract was just NOT acceptable. So I was a failure.

The freedom to choose allows us to eat what we like. Of course, it also increases the personal responsibility. No one is telling us that every Tuesday we eat a scrambled egg for breakfast, and on Wednesday we eat ½ cup cereal with a little yoghurt. We have to decide the what, the when, and the how much, we have to pay attention to ourselves.

There’s that theme again! Being aware.

Overall, I think this new trend of letting us make our own choices gives us the best chance to lose and to maintain that loss. But in depends absolutely on our ability to be our own advocates, our own best friends, and to decide what’s ‘on our program’ and what’s ‘off our program” on our own terms.

No one ever said this would be easy, but then again, is anything worthwhile EVER easy?

4 thoughts on “Freedom of Choice

  1. Jonathan says:


    Very thought-provoking!

    Diets are seductive because of what they so commonly offer. If we only eat what someone else tells us we can (or must) the outcome is guaranteed! But this very passivity robs us of participating in the outcome. If the scale goes up or goes down, its merely a reaction to external controls. Over time, any normal human being will rebel and refuse to conform.

    When we choose the foods we ‘want’ we also then choose the consequences thereof. I know that it can make things harder in the near term. (So often I ‘want’ ice cream and not celery sticks). But in the long run, I think its the only way we can learn to trust ourselves.

  2. jonquil says:

    D.I.Y. has certainly worked for me, but it means a LOT of homework, and a LOT of information to assimilate up front, such as reading books on nutrition, research on the net, keeping daily notes and records, etc.

    But it’s worthwhile. “Diets” don’t work– it’s just magical thinking. Seriously, how can you learn to make good choices, and good judgments about all the health information around today, if you don’t educate yourself and develop your own practice? You’ll have to do that work eventually, at maintenance, so why not start out that way?

    And every commercial “diet” seems to have at least one really weird pointless gimmick. I mean, vanilla extract. Gimme a break, LOL!!!

  3. jane morris says:

    It is true that every one has it one choice for eating. You can’t restrict them.
    They can eat what ever they like at any time. There should be no restriction over diet of any body. But I think every one should follow a proper diet plan so that
    They can maintain their fitness or they can get proper calories to the body.
    If you follow some dieting plans you can avoid so many diseases such as overweight, blood pressure, diabetes so many diseases are there which come in our body due to not proper diet plan.
    There is lots of information about the diet plans.

  4. Stretchy says:

    In the mid-seventies, I began buying and reading those women’s magazines, very quickly noticing two things about them: The same old “diet tips” and the same old “dreamy desserts”.

    On every cover was a thin lady, promising help getting the reader thin, too. and on every cover was a photo of a dessert (usually a lucious looking chocolate cake) a little inset photo, or sometimes bigger.

    The mixed message: diet and make this dessert always made me laugh. (but it was sad too.)

    Recently, a friend pointed out that the covers hadn’t changed much. In thirty plus years women are still plunking down money for the diet miracle and the fantastic dessert mags.

    If there is a dessert and a diet blurb on the cover, you know it is the same old baloney from 1975.

    But it must work, it must SELL magazines, it must MAKE women reach out and PAY for that dessert recipe and “new” diet. Selling HOPE to women who can’t be in the same room with a few dozen cupcakes or a tray of extra chocolicious brownies for very long.
    Can I have my figure and eat brownies and ice cream parfaits everyday too? Maybe this magazine will tell me HOW I can do that!

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