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Letís be honest here. If, over the years, Iíd been able to take care of myself, I probably would not have ended up at 500 pounds. So, as this journey continues, Iíve realized that figuring this out is the essential part of maintaining the loss. This covers a huge amount of ground, from keeping up the exercise to eating on schedule, not eating emotions, and many many more.

But thereís been an epiphany this week [and itís only TUESDAY]!!! Itís something weíve discussed before, but I think I can honestly say that this is the first time Iíve actually practiced it with care and thought.

That is: baby steps – those teeny tiny changes in behavior that add up to major changes. Iíve officially gained 10 pounds over what I consider my Ďnaturalí weight [not the weight I really want, but the weight that my body seems to want]. And I know the reasons for this. Too much fun with chocolate, too much snacking.

So this week, Iíve focused on reducing the chocolate, and being mindful in general of Ďtreatsí in the form of sugar plus fat plus carbs [covers a lot of territory, doesnít it?]. Theres been no name-calling when Iíve fallen off strategy, and the Ďguiltí card hasnít been played. And, perhaps most important, that little voice has been saying Ďyou can have that if you really want it, but do you REALLY want it?í

Itís been an extremely stressful couple of weeks, the kind that usually flip that Ďfoodí switch in me. Iím not perfect, and Iím living with a whole pile of discomfort, but Iíve been making tiny steps, with some success. Like two pounds worth! Itís almost as if Iím sometimes telling myself that Iíll skip the food right now because I can handle this emotion without it. But Iím also giving myself permission to give into the urge on occasion, much like a smoker whoís using nicotine replacement to gradually stop smoking.

Itís a journey. On the one hand, Iím annoyed with myself for having gained this, but on the other, Iím extremely proud of myself for these tiny changes this week. Itís showing me that I can handle this, that I can relearn to do the right thing, and that given a chance, the Ďright thingí will show itself.

8 thoughts on “Something has finally clicked

  1. Greta says:

    What you are not saying is how terrifying it is to regain after having lost a lot. I worry about regaining “all” the weight I have lost and more and worry about whether I can get back on plan. I always am concerned abot maintaining control and continuing the effort but sometimes backslides happen. I think the backslides happen because I start feeling invincible and “thin”. After that comes a lose of concentration. There are so many easy to get foods that are high fat and high sugar and those foods tend to lead me further astray. What helps me is increasing exercise, pre-planning meals, and cooking. I try to emphasize veggies though I guess you can’t do that with weight loss surgery.

  2. jane says:

    oh greta!!! you have hit a nail or two right on the head here! i’ve been trying not to focus on the fear factor, as that’s one of the things that’ll send me into a BIG slide. terror. and then it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. instead, i’ve been doing something really strange, and as soon as i figure out a little more about it, there will be another post… i’m wearing shorts that fit when i weighed 500 pounds!!!! i don’t want to wear the clothes that fit!!!!!

    and actually, at this point, veggies are just fine. in fact, they’re much preferred over fruit [fruit has sugar – so we have to limit it. and that’s LIMIT, not ELIMINATE!].

    and i love veggies and eat them at every meal and snack. carrots are a little problematic, unless they’re shredded. i can’t seem to chew them well enough. but i always have cherry tomatoes at my desk, and i generally roast a toaster oven pan of veggies at some point during the week and use them in a variety of ways, from adding them to scrambled eggs to side dishes and snacks. cucumbers and peppers chopped up with some plain yogurt – yum!!!!

    another thing that’s helping was going to the trainer for core training and balance. it’s helping. don’t understand why, but it is. i’ll take it!!!!

  3. Sue says:

    This is exactly what I needed today – Thank you Jane and Greta! I have been maintaining an 80lb loss (50 on WW) for a little over a year now. It is a struggle. I’d like to lose 7-10 more, but just maintaining has been so difficult at times (like now). I do so well for about two weeks, then lose it totally, and have a hard time getting back on track, esp. w/ stress, bills, pms, etc. sending me into overload and fatigue. I don’t want to make excuses. I know I have to take control, take care of myself first, yet that is the hardest thing to do. It is so much “easier” to grab a couple of home-made cookies (hubby is underweight), than to jump on the treadmill in 90 degree heat (okay, or any temp). Not productive, not goal-oriented. I know a brisk walk will make me feel better than anything I can eat, so why do I sabotage myself? Any ideas out there? This site is always a great source of inspiration. Thanks! -Sue

  4. Michelle says:

    Could you tell me how you roast veggies in a toaster oven? I’m roasting-impaired.

    Much thanks, Michelle

  5. jane says:


    turn on the toaster oven to at least 350. higher if you want them to cook faster. lower than 350 takes FOREVER [at least with mine]

    take the little pan that comes with the toaster oven, and cover it wit foil [i’m so lazy!!!] and spray it with cooking spray.

    cut up the veggies you want to roast in fairly small pieces [if you do these in the regular oven, you can use bigger pieces!]. do one type of veggie, do several.

    i add a wee bit of olive oil, and sometimes various seasonings – basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, whatever – and toss with my hands.

    and then put the pan in the oven and walk away. you have to check every once in a while. every 3-5 minutes if you’ve cranked the oven up to 400, every 10 or so if it’s at 350. when they’re done to your liking… well, you’re done!!!!

  6. hopefulloser says:

    I’m all about taking baby steps. I’ve so far lost about 30 lbs of the 90 I need to lose. It has taken me about 5 months. More than the diet and exercise, I focus on mentally changing. I need to change all my habits in order to maintain the loss the rest of my life.

    Recently I’m going through a phase where I’m enjoying the emerging me and getting thin more than I am missing indulging in food. So I’m trying to hold on to that and make that last.

    This is a great site. I’ve only recently found it. Love it ūüôā


  7. stretchy says:

    The Skinny Daily has been so helpful to me, esp. when I feel I’m way too obsessed with nutrition, calories, health & exercise.

    Your post was enlightening; when i take baby steps I am going towards something, I’m moving forward, and if I fall, I get up right away, instead of just lying there, helpless.

  8. Jeanie says:

    One of the reponses of this post make me think of a really good Masters project if anyone out there is so inclined. I think it would be great to study the effects of the hormonal swing a woman goes through each month and somehow map it to a weight loss program; like balancing your weekly weight loss and compensating for the 1 week that we have PMS. In my weird way, I’m thinking of it like a Duck, Duck, Goose game where Duck is the weeks you are not hormonally challanged and you can keep on your weekly 2 1/2 lb loss goal and a Goose week is a week you are hormonally challanged and you just work to maintain despite water gain and unusual cravings.

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