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Someone asked me ďhow does a person get to be 500 pounds, even when they know they donít want to do that?Ē And, strangely enough, he waited for an answer. We all know that this is not a question that has a simple answer. Itís complicated, and trust me, if I knew how I ended up there, and then could figure out how to fix it, maintenance would be easy!

One thing I do know, however, is that, for me at least, complete unawareness of my body played a role in it. Even though I donít pretend to understand how this happened, I DO know that being able to live in my body and with my body is essential to much more than maintaining my weight. Itís very much tied in with my mental and emotional health as well. The goal is to recognize the physical signs of my own stress, fatigue, hunger, love, and every single other emotion and physical

Wouldnít you love to read that Iíve conquered this, and that I had a huge pile of wonderful advice thatís guaranteed to help you with this as well? So would I!!!!

But I donít. There are some things that seem to be helping, however. The best way to describe them is to say that they involve focusing on my center Ė the core of my body Ė the belly, as it were. Itís not always comfortable or pleasant, but itís REAL.

Core exercises at the gym are helping me get used to moving that part of my body in a conscious way. Amazingly, itís been getting stronger and easier. Bike riding is also helping, much to my surprise, especially with balance, another core function.

Mindful breathing, and taking the time to take my emotional temperature are also helping. Thereís still a long way to go, but step by step, bit by bit, Iím learning to live in this body. Itís a very different focus, and way of life, than living in a 500-pound body. In some ways itís easier, and in other ways itís harder, especially the paying attention part.

I can promise you all one thing: weíll figure this out together.

One thought on “Living in my body

  1. kirsty says:

    I think you are really onto something with the body awareness thing (though it will probably cause some surprising mental adjustment). You ARE your body, you know, and nothing else – the thoughts and feeling are just functions of your physical existence.

    Keep working at it, and keep sharing the thoughts.

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