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We all know people who have conquered considerable odds on the way to meeting their goals, no matter what they may be. We hear their stories, we see their victories, and we applaud because they’ve done so much.

But there are other types of courage, in this case, the courage to keep trying despite numerous attempts that didn’t work. My dear friend, S, has this courage. She’s tried WW, Jenny Craig, and other commercial programs. She’s done exercise program after exercise program, including a couple of hospital-based ones. She’s counted everything that could be counted: fat grams, carb grams, calories, exercise minutes, protein. Let’s not forget support groups and journaling. You name it, she’s tried it.

And nothing clicked. Yet, she persisted in her search for the right formula for her, or as she put it recently ‘the answer.’

Recently, however, something has changed dramatically. S has realized that the process doesn’t end, that maintenance pretty much looks like losing. And what’s more, she’s agreed to go public with her efforts. (If anyone is interested in finding the story of her journey, let me know!)

Courage – to persist, to talk to experts in the field, including people who have lost huge amounts of weight and kept it off, exercise experts, medical professionals, dieticians, friends, etc., and to take what resonates and try it again. And then to revise it if it’s not working.

Some people might look at S and see someone who can’t stick with a program. But I see someone who has the courage to realize and admit that something isn’t working and to keep looking for the right combination.

So, here’s to success for this next effort, and confidence that even it this isn’t the right combination, S will figure it out. And will make it last.

12 thoughts on “Portraits In Courage, Part 3

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am feeling like I have been through all these still unsucessfully. I would like to read her story. Thanks.

  2. Debbi says:

    Please let me know where to read more about S. I, too, have tried and am trying everything, with no success. No gory details here … I just need to know I’m not alone.

  3. Laura says:

    Good for S! I can very much relate to what she is saying as I’m in the same situation and can hardly believe I’m daring to once again hope against hope that the diet/exercise regime I’m on will work.

    When you feel like you’ve given your heart and soul continually and have eventually had nothing but failure, it makes it harder and harder to gather yourself up and try again. But I’m right there with S and I cautiously say it feels different this time.

    It will probably take me 2 years to lose what need and that can be depressing and wearing so I keep my head down, day by day, and feel my body changing from the inside. It seems obvious if and when I “get there” it will continue to be just as much of a challenge but at least I won’t be looking at a size 22 body and will have the energy to go on a nice, long hike.

    We are in this together!

  4. Melanie says:

    I know exactly how she feels. I too would like to read her story 🙂


  5. Jonathan says:

    Right on Jane! Its so easy to glance at an overweight person and think of him or her as lazy, ignorant or undisciplined. Its so hard to remember behind that external facade is a human being who may be at wit’s end, having tried everything under the sun. Its not that the various weight-loss programs “don’t work” but rather as you point out, its that they won’t click the same for every person. Over the past four years I have learned to encounter my prejudices against obesity head on and realize that just because I found a strategy for me, I haven’t got the universal solution. In fact, the more I work at this maintenance thing, the more strategies, stories, suggestions and experiences I want to hear about.

  6. carol says:

    Jane, count me in as another who would like to hear more about S’s path. Anyone with that level of resilience is an inspiration.

    Send her warm thoughts from me, will you? She’ll make it, I know.

  7. Lissa says:

    S’s journey sounds similar to my mother’s. I’d love to read her story, too.

  8. stretchy says:

    Jonathan is so right, there is no universal solution.

    What makes maintenance hard for me is when I “decide” NOT to exercise and…. eat junk.

    Maintenance is a BREEZE when I get out of bed and work out,
    then I know I can have a cookie at lunchtime, and I am able to have a right attitude about nutrition & enjoy a light dinner w/no dessert most nights.

    A friend who is desperate to lose weight told me:
    “I’m Gonna eat whatever I want!”

    well then, good luck, honey, because respecting your body and feeding it in a proper way is always going to factor in.
    Workouts are essential for me, but so are nutrients.

    There was a LOT of trial & error before I came to the right amts of food, exercise, water, and thinking!

  9. bj says:

    I’m interested in knowing how Star Jones lost her weight, diet, supplements, whatever?

  10. jonquil says:

    I wonder if “S” has had a complete physical, as well as an endocrinological workup? There are so many metabolic problems that can get in the way of losing weight, such as insulin resistance. It’s worth checking out.

  11. Shameless Hussey says:

    I too, am interested in reading S’s story. I send her much good energy.

  12. Jude says:

    The courage to persist. You nailed it! That is the key.

    Just today I signed up for a six month program at my gym (hee! who ever thought I would belong to a gym?) called Be Lean. I think every attempt we make teaches us something.

    I would really like to read S’s story too.

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