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You know how THEY – the authorities – are always telling us to eat whole grains? And we keep looking for whole grain breads and muffins and such? Not only are there nutritional benefits, rumor has it that the extra fiber stays with you longer and reduces hunger.

Well, I recently decided, after reading what many people say works for them, to try completely unprocessed grains, things like steel cut oats and wheatberries. The results have been truly surprising. In fact, I’m not planning to go out of my way to eat bread any time soon.

They taste great, take a long time to chew (which satisfies that oral fixation thing), and they’re so satisfying! I had no idea!! THEY were right!!!!

First up: the wheatberries. I soaked them for a few hours in water, and then simmered them for about 30-45 minutes. That was enough cooking for one day, so into the refrigerator they went. I’d originally planned to make a wheatberry salad, with an oil and vinegar dressing, but didn’t get that far. Instead, I mixed it with some spaghetti squash, heated it up, and stirred in less than a tablespoon of olivata [that delicious olive spread]. YUMMY.

For a snack, the wonderful combination of plain yogurt, some protein powder, a small chopped up apple, and a couple of tablespoons of no-sugar-added muesli has been very satisfying.

And then this morning, the steel cut oatmeal. Delicious. But one warning for me, and perhaps for others like me: there’s not enough protein in this breakfast. Some people stir in protein powder, but I decided to drink a protein shake beforehand. Worked great! I wasn’t hungry for hours.

So, I’m going to continue this effort to eat completely unprocessed grains. This shakeup seems to work for me, as these grains seem to stick with me better than eating any form of flour. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying anything against flour or baked goods – there’s still nothing like a good cookie! But, as part of the effort to eat healthier food, and to keep myself satisfied with as little as possible, these whole grains are worth exploring.

Maybe this week, the wheatberry salad will get made. I’m thinking chickpeas, red peppers, maybe some cucumber and chopped tomato, scallions. Whaddaya think?

13 thoughts on “A whole new world

  1. stretchy says:

    Thank you for the wheatberry tip— I love Steel cut oats and I find sprinkling wheat germ and flaxseed on salads , along with eating the oats really cured me of my bread addiction. Those restaurant breadbaskets are now unappealing to me!!!!
    It is weird too, that you mention protein shakes–because I tried them last week, along with some good soups, and found I was never hungry all day… and had plenty of energy.
    I just discovered a good vegan soup company (Imagine) and I take a thermos to work. This will keep me on track all winter, as they taste good & satisfy. Oh, and oats can be a side dish for dinner too–treat them as you would pasta or rice –add soy cheese or herbs!


  2. Mary Jean says:

    I agree!! The whole grain thingy is a wonderful way to add satisfaction value to the smaller quantities I now have to eat. I cook them over night in a crock pot and have them ready for a nice hot breakfast in a flash and save the leftovers for other uses. I have the cereal (whatever the type) with a full glass of milk to up the protien content. Another whole grain product I like is Food for Life Ezekiel Bread – all sprouted grains – no processed flour. Lo cal, hi fiber and very filling!

  3. Robyn says:

    Strange timing…I just cooked steel cut oats for my lunch today! I thought I’d enjoy some oatmeal since I rarely eat it and it’s one of those comforting foods, but I felt gross after eating most of it (I made two servings, oops) and …eh. It wasn’t one of my more successfull food experiements. I would’ve felt better just eating fruit. Or chocolate. 🙂

  4. Pamela says:

    Steel cut oats have become one of my weekend breakfast faves. It takes 30 minutes to make them, so it’s a treat reserved for the weekends, but they are delicious. My husband even tolerates them and he’s not a cereal person.

  5. Allyson says:

    Hi Jane

    Here is a recipe for wheatberry salad

    I know that you are looking for balanced snack and meals with whole grains… but have you tried Ak-Mak crackers? I like them with tuna.

  6. Elaine says:

    Steel oats, huh? I’ve never heard of them but they sound enticing. Where are they available? I’m trying to kick start my diet before the holidays.

  7. maureen says:

    hi, I’ve realy gotten into whole grains and whole foods in general on the w.w.core plan. I am amazed to find that I have very few cravings as long as I stay away fiom processed foods ,sadly, esp flour. I love wheatberries too. With the oats ], I put them in a bowl at night with vanilla soy milk for protein, cinnamon, few raisins and take the chill off it in the microwave in the morning. YUM. This way of eating has really upped my energy level astonishingly- I can do this easily for ever. I’ve also lost 15 lbs in 10 wks without putting limits on my intake- I am satisfied with less, I guess because it is good quality carbs and protein.maureen

  8. Kate says:

    I’ve loved the steel cut oats for a long time now…try substituting fresh cider for some of the water. My question though is…do you have a recommendation for protein powder? I’ve never used it and there are so many variants. Any suggestions please? Thanks!

  9. deb says:

    Like oats? You’ll probably like barley. Try Bits of Barley hot cereal, then treat it like rice. Its really good with browned onions and different veggies, like a pilaf.

  10. striving4health says:

    I’m a long time dedicated reader, but a very rare post-er. Ever since I read this post a couple days ago, I’ve felt compelled to post. I have recently discovered that I have a sensitivity to wheat and just last week have gone wheat-free. I honestly haven’t missed regular bread or other wheat-based products a bit, and this surprises me. I went back to eating organic thick rolled oatmeal in the mornings and I love it! I love the whole process of boiling the water and watching the oats absorb that water and, of course, eating it with a banana and a touch of maple syrup with a nice glass of soymilk is the best part! I’m re-discovering brown rice and quinoa, too. They are both so versatile and delicious. I enjoy a rare slice of Ezekiel bread and can’t help but think that THIS is what bread should taste like. Being wheat sensitive has brought me back to whole and real foods~ and I’m truly loving it! Whole-grain doesn’t just mean whole wheat- go figure! :}

  11. Rachel says:

    You can reduce the cooking time.

    Firstly, when you buy a bag of steel cut oats, tip the whole lot into a metal roasting tin and toast the oats in the oven till they are golden and smell nutty. Then leave to cool and return to a storage tin.
    This gives the oats a lovely taste, and they cook quicker.

    The other thing to do is to soak them over night. This also speeds up the cooking. I used have oats eveyr morning, and cooking them didn’t take long at all with this method.

    My favourite way is made with water – quarter cup of oats to a half cup of water, with 2 tsps of almond butter. Yum!

  12. Emily says:

    I’m interested in which protein powders you use, and which protein shakes you drink? I love oatmeal in the morning – but I am hungry a few hours later. Perhaps some protein powder mixed in, or a protein shake with the oatmeal would help. Thanks in advance for your tips!

  13. Rachel says:

    Have a search on here – Juju wrote a great post about protein powders.

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