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On Saturday Devin and I were out refrigerator shopping (ah, married life) when he suddenly decided he was hungry. Its always funny to me when that lightbulb comes on in his head, because I never have an ‘on/off’ hunger signal. Mostly I ‘feel like eating’ pretty much all of the time (which, of course, is not the same as being hungry).

He asked if we could have fast food from a chain restaurant, and when I hesitated he suggested chinese instead. We ended up getting dim sum (I think that’s Chinese for ‘grease-slathered dough balls with lard’). Fortunately he did the ordering while I was washing my hands and when the food came everything was too spicy for my taste. So portion control was easy. After all, I wasn’t hungry (I just ‘felt like eating.’).

When we were done he said ‘Wow. That was great. Now we won’t have to have dinner.’ Naturally, I panicked at the thought. For someone who ‘feels like eating’ all the time, the idea of skipping a meal is anathema. Of course, I STILL wasn’t hungry.

After lunch we stopped at Ranch99 to stock up on Asian ingredients. While Devin picked up his favorite snacks, I gathered up canned goods (bamboo mushrooms, minature corn) and as many veggies as I thought I could eat in a week. It had been a while since I’d last visited the chinese grocery and I marvelled at the variety of veggies — especially mushrooms (I got wood-ear, king oyster, and shiitakes).

When we got home, I made a delicious stir fry, utilizing some amazing garlic sauce that I had forgotten we had in the fridge. I STILL wasn’t hungry, but I did enjoy the eating!

One thought on “Hungry? Really?

  1. jonquil says:

    I guess I’m like Devin, with the hunger on/off switch and all– but it didn’t save me. Meal skipping, fast food, greasy Chinese– check, check, check. I got away with it when I was younger, because I was active. Then after 40, bingo, I got fat.

    I learned the hard way: my cavalier “so what” attitude led to obesity and poor health. Bad food habits created a time bomb, but I was in massive denial. Because I was “naturally slim.” Ha!

    If I had been a conscious eater, as you are now, Jonathan, I might not have gotten fat. And if I fail to stay aware, I’ll get fat again. Truly, I’d rather “feel like eating” all the time, than depend on an “on/off switch.”

    Better to be continually conscious of food, than to delude myself into thinking I can eat any old thing, just because I’m hungry; or not eat, because I’m “not hungry.” I have to eat healthy food, carefully, at regular intervals, with controlled portions. Whether I want to or not. Just like you.

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