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Theres a new advertising campaign from a fruit and vegetable giant. Have you seen it? Its based on the new food pyramid, the one that recommends 4-1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables per day. This company has apparently worked it out to half a plate per meal Im guessing about 2 cups per meal, because very few people eat vegetables for breakfast (I do, but thats just me!).

This change in perspective is interesting. Of course the company wants to sell more vegetables, but describing the amounts in such easily understood terms is a first. This could be very helpful to many people. And we all know how few people eat their veggies and fruit!

What are the chances that other companies will pick up on this? Weve all seen the plates overloaded with mashed potatoes or other starches, or with a huge slab of meat. Dare we hope that well start seeing more balanced platefuls in advertisements?

If we go by this advertising campaign, there would be 2 cups or so for protein and carbs, but should there be more protein than starch? Or equal amounts? (Does the average person consume 4 cups of food per meal? Ive lost perspective, as even 8 ounces of food looks daunting to me.)

Figuring out what you should be eating in this way seems sensible, but the question of calories comes into it. Id need a calculator to figure out the calorie content of the typical plate, and then work at changing the proportion keeping the calories the same or moving them up and down. Obviously, drowning the veggies in butter, and laying a piece of fried chicken and mashed potatoes in gravy alongside is counterproductive.

Overall, however, I think this could work!

Regardless of what the food marketers do, however, my personal plate should be 40% protein, 40% vegetable, and 20% high-quality carb.

What does yours personal plate look like? Is it working for you? What might you change?

4 thoughts on “Your personal plate

  1. Jonathan says:

    Personally, I eat a lot of vegetables at breakfast. I’m so glad not to be alone on that score! When I’m at work, I microwave a bag of frozen veggies for breakfast and BOY do I get a lot of weird looks!

  2. stretchy says:

    I too like a veggie-full breakfast…

    if I am having egg whites I make a veggie omlette. (bell peppers, or green peas, or spinach -=endless variety for omlette makers.

    another day I’ll make healthy “home nonfried” potatoes w/ my soy sausage patty.

    If i have no time I will just put tomato salsa & a scoop of avocado ( or guacamole) on the side when I eat plain egg whites.

    Tossed salad is a good addition to all meals.

    Veggies are great, cuz you can do all the prep work the night before and assemble your b’fast in less than 3 mins.

    I try to eat tossed salads for snacks at home…on the road i rely on a thermos of veg soup. ( I never realized how many veggies I was eating til now–this may explain the recent looseness of my jeans)

  3. Greta says:

    The majority of my food is whole grains, fruits, veggies, beans. I try to limit protein to 3-4 ounces a day maximum mostly fish. I lose weight best if I can concentrate on veggies but B for me is always oatmeal cooked with fresh fruit especially apples and cinnamon. I think the divided plate would work with 1/2 plate veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 whole grains but beans are healthier than “flesh”.

  4. jonquil says:

    That’s how I do portion control: the plate method. 1/2 plate fruits and veggies, then meat the size of my palm, then starch the size of one cupped hand. It’s simpler than any other method I’ve tried, which is a big deal for me, because if it isn’t convenient, I just won’t do it.

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