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Isn’t it funny how many of life’s lessons are just sitting around for us, waiting to be used?

A couple of months ago I noticed I had a wart on my thumb. It was unsightly and after ignoring it as long as I could, I finally determined to do something about it. First I tried taking care of it myself with some over the counter stuff. After a few weeks, it only grew worse.

Next I determined I would get professional help. In my mind, I assumed I would visit a dermatologist once, plunk down my copayment, and ‘voila’ I would be cured. Imagine my surprise when, after a rather painful freezing treatment, he said ‘and you’ll be needing to come back to me every two weeks.’ (Every two weeks?) ‘Yes, for at least two months.’

So here I am, with this unpleasant (uncured) and occaisionally painful little lesion on my thumb, and after six weeks, I’m still in the middle of what appears to be a rather long process. I had no idea it would be taking so much time, so much energy (and so much money!) to deal with this.

You’ve probably guessed what my point here is. Its that the allure of the ‘quick fix’ belies the fact that most of the time there just isn’t one. I wish weight loss were simple. I wish weight management were easy. I wish it was fast, inexpensive and final.

Fact is, just like my wart, this weight journey is going to take a lot of effort. Unlike my wart removal, however, there are quantifiable benefits for being a healthy weight and there are life prolonging and enhancing effects of eating properly. Lastly, and most importantly, losing weight and keeping it off can actually be FUN. Tell THAT to a dermatologist holding the liquid nitrogen bottle!

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