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Since its Thanksgiving here (at least for those of us in the United States) I figure I should take a moment to reflect publicly on the people who helped me most with my weight journey this year. Unfortunately the list would run to hundreds of names if I were to include every person who offered a kind word, made me laugh, or taught me something.

So to be fair, I am just going to thank JuJu for letting me help out with this site, and Jane for giving me insight and inspiration. In addition, many readers have also sent constructive, helpful and intelligent comments, which have added richly to the fabric of this blog. When I agreed to become a part of the Skinny Daily, I had no idea what a positive impact it would have on my life.

A few months ago I set a goal for myself � I decided to get back to my healthy weight by Thanksgiving. And I�m here to report today that I am most definitely NOT there! In fact, shortly after making that resolution, I ended up gaining enough weight to go up a size in trousers.

Nevertheless, I remain grateful because, this time, I didn�t give up. And in fact I�m closer to my healthy weight now than I was when I first drew the line. Having the opportunity to ruminate and reflect on this process here at the Skinny Daily has been a real godsend. Also, since I believe that awareness is the primary key to long-term weight loss success, the chance to write posts has given me a valuable tool in that regard.

Yesterday at the gym I was hefting a weight onto one of the machines and I realized it equalled almost exactly the amount of weight loss that I HAVE maintained for four years. Boy was I thankful for that! Just the idea of not lugging that around day after day made me very appreciative of the success I�ve had.

And I�m looking forward to buying some new pants in December!

3 thoughts on “Thanks!

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  2. Shameless Hussey says:

    Thank you for writing this post today. I believe that mindfulness while eating is the key to health and weight maintenance, and your writing, Jonathan, and all the posts @ skinnydaily continue to support my efforts.

    And thanks to all who contribute to this electronic community!

  3. Greta says:

    I am also thankful for you being here on SkinnyDaily as well as Jane and JuJu. Great place to come for intelligent commentary when so many other boards are a void.

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