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For those of us working on healthy weight management, there sometimes is a risk of overlooking the forest for the trees. By that, I mean that as we strategize and plan for the truly big eating events (Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, etc.) we may overlook the important day-to-day eating, cooking and food shopping during the course of the season.

If we overindulge, there is the temptation of the in-for-a-dime-in-for-a-dollar syndrome, where we just give up trying. By contrast, if we set overly restrictive goals, we can end up deprived and resentful and at risk of throwing ourselves offtrack at the next Ďunexpected eating opportunity.í

Fortunately, Iím amazed and delighted to report that this was the first Thanksgiving Day in my own living memory where I took care of myself and ate wisely. I hit the gym in the morning, took the dog to a wilderness park for a hike in the afternoon, and made a special, but sensible, meal for dinner. In the evening we went out to the movies. It was a relaxed, low-key, but nevertheless pleasing holiday.

Now Iím focused on having the first Thanksgiving WEEKEND of smart eating and healthy exercise. There are already holiday foods everywere in sight and a lot of seasonal triggers that loom on the horizon (cooler, wetter weather, parties, etc.). How nice it will be if I can maintain a sense of balance and satisfaction.

So, as the holiday season stretches ahead, Iím thinking not only about my overall weight management goal (Iím working on losing two more pounds by the end of the year), but Iím also planning to get in my fruits and vegetables, my exercise and my other health-enhancing habits. As is often mentioned, Iíll also be planning on getting enough SLEEP this year.

Thanksgiving Day is behind us, do you know what youíre doing next?

5 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. stretchy says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for mentioning S L E E P. A few days ago, I read that getting proper zzzz’s really helps your metabolism… and if you combine proper regular rest with proper regular exercise you will lose weight and become fit twice as fast than if you just exercised without proper rest.

    Last weekend I napped before power walking a 4 mile path around a park… I seriously needed those zzz’s. The walk & fresh air felt wonderful afterwards. There is no point dragging yourself out to exercise when you are worn out.

    I will be depending on skinnydaily to help keep myself on track this holiday season! You guys make a difference. Thank You!

  2. Greta says:

    I am also trying to lose 2 more pounds in 2005 which will put me back to where I was in January 2005. It was a tough year with death of my Dad and many trips East during which I overate and gained. Now I have my eye on just getting back to where my weight ought to be or at least where it was. Helpful for me are daily dog walks in an Open Space alongside my house, big pots of soups I make weekly (usually veggie-split pea or veggie-lentil), the gym where I do elliptical & weight lifting, and sleep.

  3. gail says:

    thank you, I am starting a program and I need help from others who have been there.

  4. paula says:

    hi everyone!i starting my diet today wish me luck because I know the 1rst 3 days are the toughest!ty

  5. Hey Jude says:

    SLEEP. That sounds wonderful, especially during the hectic Christmas season, I think that is one thing that we tend to skimp on.

    I am trying to lose another six pounds before the end of the year to get back to my January 2005 weight.

    It’s all about balance sor me. Not getting myself too stressed out over money, family, creating the perfect holiday. Exercising every day, mindful eating and taking care of myself.


    PS: Good luck Paula!

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