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The other day on the radio they were asking people what they would do if they were suddenly given $10 million. It was fun to listen to, but the fact is, no one is about to give me that kind of money. On the other hand, life is full of opportunies, and sometimes the gifts we are looking for are already there for the asking, if we just knew what we wanted.

This holiday season, I know I will be engaged in a lot of activities (parties, christmas shopping, year end deadlines) that create stress and tension. I generally donít feel I have enough time to do what I want or accomplish everything I have in mind. So I think its time for me to make a list and check it twice.

For one thing, I would like to eat healthy and keep active all through the month. Those are two activities which I sometimes take for granted, but are consistently helpful in generating a positive sense of wellbeing. For another thing, Iím going to listen to some holiday music and Iím going to spend some time decorating our tree. Lastly, Iím going to make sure that I spend at least a few minutes EVERY DAY, picturing my goals, imagining my success, and actively concentrating on relaxing.

Recent commenters have noted that the purpose of meditation and relaxation isnít just to recharge our batteries so we can continue to over-schedule, over-work, and over-stress ourselves. The value in self-awareness comes when the process gives us a sense of our true priorities. What can go by the wayside and not really cause the world to end. What can we incorporate into our lives that will be worth the time we spend on it.

Devin and I are having our annual Christmas Tree Ornament Making Party this weekend. What I love about the party is that, while we always have excellent food, the focus is on doing something fun in the middle of the afternoon that includes people of all ages, and contributes to the unique quality of the season. Preparation for the event is always a little stressful, but this year my goal is to stay in touch with the spirit of the occasion, to laugh a little, and possibily even take the time to make an ornament or two. My hope is that it will set me up for a successful December.

This year, what are you wishing for?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Wish List

  1. contessa says:

    The usual, stopping by and visiting friends and family and peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

  2. stretchy says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    As the holiday season progresses along, I see those closest to me being mistreated by bosses who are seemingly angry and stressed out.

    Every year at this time my two best friends bosses and my husband’s boss turn into raging grinchlike fiends. This leaves my friends bewildered and upset. And my huband gets depressed.

    They have to suddenly work late and miss a party that the boss knew about and gave them prermission to attend!!

    The stress level starts to climb at Thanksgiving… and there isn’t much we can do to get the bosses back on their meds or off the sugar binge. It hurts to see those I love nearly in tears over something the boss said or did. myloved ones gain or lose too much weight they are so stressed out.

    My boss on the other hand is one who “pretends” all is well and then whines, doesn’t give you correct info, then goes back to pretending–so nothing ever gets resolved, but we are all fake happy! This too can be stressful.

    My wish is that all of our bosses could be happier, more stable people and we could be kind, open and honest at work and work together in Harmony.

    My wish is that we can get through the holidays and enjoy them in a healthy way.

    Peace in the office and goodwill to all co-workers

  3. Greta says:

    Oddly for this time of year I am trying to clear clutter and get rid of things I no longer use. I am shredding taxes from 1993,94,95; selling and giving away things. I am trying to make my life more comfortable.

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