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In the middle of this holiday season, as weíre all struggling not to gain, weíre seeing many articles and tips on strategies for weight control. One theme Iíve been seeing is to inject more activity into our days, and itís not just parking a little farther from the entrance.

If youíre looking for examples and ideas for increasing your daily calorie burn without exercising, hereís an article that provides lots of details.

My first reaction was WOW!!! It IS possible to burn a lot of calories by not taking the labor- or time-saving route. But then I noticed that some of the activities were not daily. So, my NEXT reaction led me to wonder if I actually had time to spend all these calories. After all, if we had the time, weíd be doing some of this stuff anyway, wouldnít we?

So, I looked at the extra daily calories expended and added up the extra time it would take to expend these calories. The result: burning 370 more calories took an extra 130 minutes Ė more than 2 hours!

I donít know about you, but I can easily burn that in the gym in an hour, or perhaps a wee bit more.

On the other hand, even though certain tasks might require more time, isnít it worth it to take better care of ourselves? Investing some extra time in preparing good, healthful, tasty food or walking the dog can be relaxing and stress-reducing, all part of my plan to become more balanced.

So, Iím taking a hard look at how I move through the day, so that I can figure out where Iím taking a shortcut just because itís THERE rather than because I need it for some other reason. And if I can see that the Ďlong cutí might be better for my patience, or relationships, or balance, Iíll take it. Thereís nothing to lose except calories and a few minutes!

3 thoughts on “The Holiday Struggle

  1. Leanne says:

    It seems to me that we miss one of the most important messages of the holiday season: love one another as we love ourselves. This means not only looking after each other, but looking after ourselves as well.

    Here in Australia it’s summertime, and I’ll be celebrating the season with lots of walks in the resh air, lots of swimming and beach trips with my baby boy, and lots of fresh, seasonal fruit.

    Loving those we care about means caring enough to respect our own bodies and what we put into them, so that we can hopefully be around to share many more years with our friends and families. Now that’s a real Christmas gift!

  2. Josie says:

    A few months ago work was becoming very stressful for me. I discovered that even though it can take hours to feel stressed, it only takes a few minutes to calm myself down. One thing that I try to do each day now is stretch while heating up my lunch in the microwave. If the lunchroom is empty, I close my eyes and do a few basic stretches. Instead of impatiently waiting for my food now, I find myself enjoying the time!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I have been a lurker on your website for a long time. I just wanted to post and say I love what you are doing. Having a supportive environment is one of the most important factors to weight loss, and you’ve built a nice community here for yourselves! Thanks for the daily encouragement for us weight-trackers. Its good to know you’re not alone.

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