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This week Iíve been thinking about something that I never really imagined had anything to do with my eating and weight management: sound. Iíve thought often about the sight and smell of food, the textures that satisfy, the tastes that I either crave or despise. But sound?

There is, of course, the sound of great cooking (veggies hitting the frying pan, the fall of the knife against the cutting board, apples that crunch in the mouth). Enter into any restaurant kitchen and sound is the thing that probably strikes you second only to aroma.

But the other sounds in our environment, it seems to me, offer important clues for healthy eating. For one thing, I must have alternatives to eating as a means to calm myself and soothe my anxieties. If I think about the sounds that keep me on edge (TV blaring, radio playing, etc), I realize its easier and healthier to block them out (or move away from them.). Dining al fresco is nice, but thereís a reason we donít have fine restaurant patios adjacent to freeways.

In addition to editing out stressful sounds, at work this week Iíve been streaming internet radio to create a quiet background of Christmas carols. As I pore over my accounts or deal with cranky customers, its pleasant to re-connect with the songs and tunes of my youth. It reminds me of elementary school, when we used to meet in the assembly room and sing carols together in the weeks before Christmas (I suppose they donít do that anymore!).

And ultimately, there is the sound of silence. The sound of quiet contemplation when I stop to take a breath, to find myself in the moment, to slow down. Listening to my breathing, or my heart, I can get in touch with the places that are stressed out (right now my lower back). I can also hear the sensation of eating quietly, which adds to the overall experience.

It reminds me that I need to go download my relaxation podcast so I can take it to the gym and do some stretching. Sound good?

4 thoughts on “Sounds of the Season

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I agree completely. Sounds carry such an importance for me that the wrong ones can tear apart my entire day. Cars blasting music so loudly that all you hear is that awful buzzing, my neighbors shouting at each other, or even just the locusts in the desert trees… My mood cracks and I find myself unable to concentrate or relax for a long while after. It’s incredible how much other people / other things truly impact one’s world. But, I love your idea of soft music in the background – something to brighten the mood and send the feelings of youth and innocence to your heart. I will have to buy a Christmas album tonight.

  2. stretchy says:

    Today we woke to a winter wonderland…and how quiet it gets when a few inches of snow is on the ground. It is a special kind of quiet…
    OK, We do have a snowblower, but I prefer the ways of old, so I was up and out and clearing the pathways with a shovel…using my legs, and easy does it. Took a break for hot soy cocoa, and out again to finish the job. REFRESHING!!!

    Burning a CD of some of my favorite songs was good for me. I now find these cds to be stress relieving… a pleasant added bonus.
    Comfort food or Comfort songs? the songs work better!

  3. Ambar says:

    Pointer to the relaxation podcast?

  4. 75down says:

    link to the relaxation podcast, please?

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