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If you want me to figure out where you are at on your weight management journey, there’s one place in your house I would need to check out first. No, its not your fridge, or your pantry or your kitchen. Its your closet. What’s in there right now?

This weekend my partner was tossing out clothes in order to make room for some new purchases, as well as to rid himself of what he considers to be outdated. “Ugh, this is so 2004” he would say, and toss another perfectly good garment on the pile. While always a fashionably dressed urban hipster, now that he’s in the clothing business, how he looks is even more important to him.

Of course what got to me is that all of these clothes still fit him. When I went to my own closet, I realized I had a lot of very “2004” clothes in there too. But in my case, they were clothes that had become too small for me when I went up a waist size mid year.

When I started working for my current employer, I bit the bullet and acknowledged that my weight gain, although modest, meant that I could no longer dress my best. I reluctantly went to Macy’s and bought a few pairs of nice slacks that would, I told myself, tide me over.

This was hard because in 2001, I had thrown out absolutely every single article of clothing in my possession that wast either too large or too small. For several years afterward, I gloried in the knowledge that when it came time to get dressed, I would definitely fit into every single thing I had owned. In the past I had always kept several “just in case” large sizes and a few “hope springs eternal” small things. I finally declared to myself that I was through with all of that.

So it was, that yesterday I began adding to Devin’s pile. One by one I tried on everything I owned. If it fit, it stayed. If not, it went. Fortunately, it turned out to be only a very few things that got the boot. And I said goodbye to them with a sense of relief. I don’t have to keep anything around that reminds me of what “might” happen.

This morning getting dressed it was wonderful to have that freedom of opening the doors and having endless possibilities in front of me. And if I need to do all of this again at some point, no worries. There are always department store sales, thrift stores, tag sales, and hand-me-downs. The bottom line is this: If your clothes are calling out to you, keep ‘em. If they’re calling you names, toss ‘em out.

P.S. Yes, all of our things went to charity.

8 thoughts on “One size fits all

  1. Jay says:

    I was looking at my closet this morning, and bemoaning the fact that I didn’t have much to choose from. Not because there are no clothes in there, but because so few of them fit me. Most are either too small or too large.

    Your entry was inspiring. When I get home tonight, I’m going to go through all of my clothes, and donate everything I can’t currently wear.

    Thanks for the kickstart.

  2. Amy K. says:

    I finally gave away all of my too big clothes last month; after a year of maintenance. It felt good to finally say “Darnit, I worked hard for it, I’ve shown I can do it, I’m staying skinny!”

    It’s funny that it took so long for me to have faith in myself.

  3. Greta says:

    I just got done going through my closets a week ago. Some out of fashion clothes went out but many were too big. I have to admit that I hung on to the “too small” because that’s where I expect to be in a few more months. Maybe that’s a “hope springs eternal” sort of thing but I have not given up on myself yet. I hope my final maintenance weight will be 10-15 pounds lower than I am now.

  4. Michelle says:

    But what if you are at the beginning of your weight loss journey? I have clothes in sizes from 6 to 24 (my current size). As I go down in size, I won’t have to buy many new clothes because, theoretically, I can work my way down through the smaller sizes.

    My shoes, however, are a different matter. As I gained weight my shoe size went from 8 average to 9 wide. I’m hoping that as I lose weight, my feet will go back to their previous size and I can once again wear the cute shoes I’ve been saving. Does anyone know if feet “shrink” after weight loss?

  5. stretchy says:

    Everytime I open my armoir, I see the neat stacks of blue jeans I have collected since reaching my ideal weight. I now reward myself with jeans instead of food. Traveling abroad, you will see me trying on jeans before you’ll see me gorging on the local food.
    My jean stacks are symbolic &useful at the same time.

    Years ago, I would have opened that armoir and found jeans spanning SIX sizes. Nevermind….those old jeans are all too big now, and they are long gone….

    I have jeans to wear with 3 inch high heels, jeans to wear barefoot on the beach… jeans with frills, all shades of blue … you get the idea– jeans for any and every activity from parties to painting a friend’s living room.

    but here is the MAIN thing— They all look good. None of them bind me or look baggy around the bum. — They FIT. as long as the jeans fit, my suits for the office fit as well.

    RELIEF and JOY…and the jeans keep me thinking about how important nutrition and exercise are.

  6. gp says:

    Just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying these daily updates, Jonathan. It’s nice to have your entries waiting every time I sit down at the computer in the evening, especially at this time of year when dealing with the burgeoning belly is more difficult.

    Keep it up. We take these steps together.

  7. Rod says:

    What you said at the end..”If your clothes are calling out to you, keep ‘em. If they’re calling you names, toss ‘em out.”

    Hit home, I never thought about the fact that when I look at the smaller sizes it gets me frustrated.

    Great article, thanks!!

  8. Kate says:

    i actually have more clothes that i dont fit into than i do in my closet right now…

    and its actually things that i never did fit into. i have a horrible expensive habit of buying clothes that i love, that dont fit – like a size or two too small, and buying them so that when i lose weight – i will have cute clothes to get to wear. — i have had those for a year now. still don’t fit them.

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