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At the rate things are going, this will be the week I snap. Deadlines at work, bronchitis, the Alzheimerís mom, holiday preparations, extra traffic, a caregiver who decided to take the next 4 weeks off with a few hoursí notice, trying to find someone to hook my real house up to the townís new sewers even though the ground is frozen Ė itís all just too much.

And my reaction today has been to eat. Itís been ugly, especially because I canít really tell you what Iíve eaten. Unconscious eating is dangerous, and the realization of this is whatís making me focus now. It was so comforting, and felt so secure, even though it felt a bit unusual, since it so rarely happens. Whatís important for right now Ė and tomorrow Ė is to figure out how to recapture that secure, comforting feeling.

So, where to start? First choice was about logistics, with the agency that provides Momís caregiver. A new one is starting tomorrow. What a relief!

Next, the bronchitis. Iíve been to the doctorís, and I have what I need, except sleep. As soon as I write this, Iím going to bed. OK. Two items down. Whatís next?

Traffic is beyond my control. But the holiday preparations are another story. This year, people are getting gift certificates, and baking will be minimal. Itís chocolate making season, but Iím not going to do them until I regain some balance. Still have to make arrangements for the dog over the holiday, but either the kennel or the vet will take good care of her.

The sewers? Well, I have a list of possibilities. Deadlines at work? Challenging, but other resources are available and will have to be called in.

Where does this leave me? Tired, but with a plan. Systematically, step by step, taking care of business, regaining control and balance.

No promises about tomorrow, but maybe Ė just maybe Ė Iíll focus more on drinking water than on eating, and on doing things rather than worrying about them. If the Ďsnapí can be delayed, maybe it can be avoided. Writing this down has helped. Iíll let you know how things go.

Good night!!!

2 thoughts on “Regaining balance

  1. stretchy says:


    It is good that you are listing the things that are on your mind, things that must get done during this crazed season. I think the combination of long lists of “things to do” , family obligations, all of the parties, drinking and eating more, long lines, traffic and short freezing days is killer on our bodies, minds and spirits.

    Just thinking about this helps! some of us will make lists, others will decide to donate to charities for people instead of spending hours wandering in Bloomingdales searching for gifts “they ” may or may not like, and probably don’t need. When you think it through, you can find wonderful shortcuts that will give you a little time to rest and stretch.
    Take care ,

  2. Jonathan says:


    I like to remind myself that the reason we became overweight in the first place was not that we are stupid or incompetent — quite the reverse. We learned early on that continual eating acted as a balm to soothe shattered nerves, overcome sadness and relieve anxiety. Overeating allowed us to compensate for adding more and more and more to our list of “musts” and “shoulds.”

    Thank you for expressing so eloquently your resolve not to throw in the towel, and to find new and healthier ways to take care of yourself, even when your calendar is on “overload.”

    Please, take good care of yourself!


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