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During our first Christmas together, Devin and I shared a wonderful rental condo at Whistler ski resort in Canada with my sister and her family. During that week, I recall stuffing myself repeatedly with mounds and mounds of christmas candy, cookies, chocolates, pies, sweets and ice cream. It was during that week that I reached my highest weight ever. Although the skiing was fantastic, one of the primary memories of that trip I have is the nauseated feeling I experienced for so much of the time from all of the junk that I was eating. My clothes also pinched me and I felt somewhat claustrophobic a lot of the time.

Family tensions, the newness of my relationship, and Ďtraditioní were all things that led me towards that seven-day-binge. There were also factors such as frustration at work, and disastifaction with my physical health that sent me to that precipice. But I would also say that a huge factor in all of this was the sheer enormity and availability of the junky foods everywhere I went. Our condo was filled with boxes and boxes of treats and sweets that we had been given and that we bought ourselves. Every day we got more and more, replenishing the booty that had already been consumed.

In all of the Christmases since that time, I have focused on steering clear of the food-fests that abound during the season. Iíve limited the number of parties I attend, and Iíve kept Ďtraditionalí sweets out of the house, to the extent possible. This strategy hasnít always worked and there have been times when I slipped down that slope of chocolate, but for the most part, its eased a lot of temptation, simply to be careful about my surroundings.

Food is ubiquitous throughout the year and different holidays all come with their food challenges. My ultimate goal is to create a new mindset, a new cheerful reality, so when I hear those Christmas carols and see the lights and decorations I donít have to turn to a box of chocolates to put me in the mood. Who knows how long this will take, and how many times Iíll have to try? Traditions arenít born overnight. The time to start is now.

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  1. Greta says:

    My husband and I have had the tradition on Christmas day of going for a long dog hike somewhere. Our first was at Point Reyes National Seashore in 1979. I agree that a key to successful weight management is an environment free of the foods we don’t want to eat. I strive for that myself.

  2. gp says:

    A small suggestion for this season: at holiday parties, bring along a stash of candy canes (mini-sized, if you wish) and walk around the party holding onto a candy cane and a diet soda or seltzer in the other hand, maybe occasionally taking a taste of the candy cane.

    You look festive, but one regular-sized candy cane is 55 cal, and a mini-sized one is 11 cal, so even IF you do eat the whole thing, it’s certainly a lot less than a plate of cookies, and it takes longer to eat, too.

    And something about the peppermint flavor keeps one from craving other things, but I’m not sure why.

  3. stretchy says:

    The candy cane tip is fantastic.

    you know…. many years ago I spent a long dull day sitting at my in laws house (Christmas) and in EVERY picture from that year, I am with the same mid-sized candy cane in hand, the Candy cane gradually getting smaller…. and I was skinny …. hmmmm…. Food was all around me that year, but mysteriously, I had grabbed a candy cane first…and it lasted a long time.

    Never gave a thought to it before. For bored eating, the candy cane RULES!

    Must dash out to get candy canes—

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