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All I want for Christmas are my two lost pounds. At the beginning of this holiday season, I pledged to myself that I would not only avoid the usual weight gain, but I would start to tackle the excess pounds that crept on over the course of the spring and summer. Its been like a salmon swimming upstream Ė what kind of a crazy person would try and eat healthy in November and December?

The amazing news is that it has worked. I lost two pounds in November and two more this month. And Iíd like to lose two more in January. Small goals, perhaps, but they were hard won and very meaningful to me.

A couple of strategies have helped. My journal-it-no-matter-what-it-was approach has kept me aware of my calorie count from day to day and provided me with motivation and inspiration. Friends have helped me through the toughest of times and supported me even when I was eating lean while the world around me was eating fat.

And of course, thereís you. I donít actually know what days youíve read my posts and if any of them have been of use, of interest, or provided a moment of humor. But I pledged to myself at the beginning of November that I would make sure a post appeared on the blog every single day of the season. So even when you were shopping, or working, or coping with your own struggles, I was thinking about how I could find some way to say something meaningful or maybe even put a smile on your face, and that kept me going.

I know that a two pound loss isn’t something I’ll find under the Christms tree, alas. So I also know that the next step of the journey is up to me. It will require journalling, and knowledge, and discipline and a few laughs. Iíll let you know what works, and what doesnít, and Iíll be reading yur comments and the posts from my co-authors for ideas and inspiration.

In case its been a while since you visited the “about this site” section, here’s how Juju put it

We think forming new habits is possible and repeatable and teachable. The Skinny Daily Post aims at helping readers form healthier habits by helping them find ways to live differently, think differently about maintaining their bodies, attending to their health, adopting lifelong body maintenance habits. It’s written for individuals who are ready to make good health a high priority in their lives. It is diet agnostic. It is relentless. It’s personal, strongly advocating the use of a personal journal or body log.

It’s annoyingly repetitive. But that’s part of the magic (no, really).

And we’re determined to make sure it’s always available for free for whomever it could possibly help.

There are eight Skinny Daily Post habits, skills we work on all the time here. They are:

Skill 1: Committing to Change Forever
Skill 2: Writing Things Down
Skill 3: Planning to Fail
Skill 4: Talking to Yourself
Skill 5: Making Time
Skill 6: Moving Daily
Skill 7: Eating Well
Skill 8: Getting Help

The Skinny Daily Post has formed a groovy little community of slow learners and fast sharers. None of us knows as much as all of us. We are accepting of one another’s needs, and we deeply respect that what works for one body, life, region, culture, may not work for another.

I’d say for me, Christmas came early this year. Thanks Santa!

8 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. Greta says:

    Thanks, Jonathan! I have noticed and appreciated your posts and I have been doing my best to eat healthy and exercise in a time of year that’s against us. I look forward to lean January when the rest of the world joins us for a few days anyway. What you write here IS needed, appreciated, useful, and WONDERFUL!!! THANKS!

  2. Richard says:

    Jonathan, Bravo on achieving your weight loss goals during this difficult season. I am struggling with some gained weight right now too, and your inspiring writing gives me hope every time. Thank you, and Happy New Year. Richard

  3. Pattie says:

    Yes, Jonathan, your daily posts have been a tremendous help during this tough holiday season. Losing 45 pounds was tough: keeping it off for over a year now is proving increasingly difficult. So I’ve relished what you’ve written each and every day, as reminder that I am NOT alone in this battle.

    Thanks to all of you at SDP. Here’s to a happy, HEALTHY New Year for all of us!

  4. Laura says:

    Merry Christmas to all favorite friends at Skinny Daily!!

  5. Debbi says:


    I’ve noticed all month that there’s been a Skinny Daily post every day, and I SO appreciate it! I truly look forward to reading yours, Jane’s and JuJu’s thoughts and successes here. Your commitment keeps me going. Thanks, and Merry Christmas.


  6. Alexandra says:

    Thank you Jonathan! (and JuJu and Jane).

  7. ann says:


    I do read (about 3 times a week, generally) and appreciate your insights.

    I’ve reached *that* point myself.


  8. melissa says:

    Jonathan, I have *so* appreciated your steady posts. I check every day, and have been thrilled to read your (and Jane’s, and even Juju’s) posts. They are very helpful to me – please keep it going!

    Happy 2006!

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