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Normally, I pack my lunch so that I can control portions, but today, for the first time in a long time, I was home. A refrigerator and pantry full of possibilities! So many choices! So much food!

uh oh.

So what did I find? There were a few leftover ravioli. Not the world’s greatest choice, but not the worst. How many could there be? I decided to finish them.

One, two, three, four, five!! I put them all on the pan to heat, and looked again. Really, Jane, I said to myself, what makes you think you can eat ALL of these? The answer was something to the effect that I could always throw out the rest. But then, I realized that Mom might like some, and between the two of us, the five would be enough.

I returned three to the container, and Mom can have them for dinner if she wants, or they’ll be mine later. Two were plenty, especially with the addition of some low fat mozzarella.

What went on here? Several things came to mind. I’m ashamed to say that my first reaction was greedy. After all, I realized on some level that there was no way I could eat them all, but I still wanted them.

Thank goodness the realization of my physical capacity for food kicked in! That might be the biggest surprise. Is it possible that my eyes are no longer bigger than my stomach? Maybe the past FOUR YEARS of concentrated focus on portion control are finally paying off. Perhaps better still, there’s finally some degree of body awareness kicking in, this time in the form of appetite and capacity.

So, 2005 is ending better than it started, at least in this regard. There’s quite a distance to go, but overall, I’ve come a long way!!!

As this year ends, it might be time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished in your journey to a healthy life. You might find that you’ve come farther than you think! For me, this portion control is a major big deal. What’s your ‘big deal’?

3 thoughts on “As the year ends…

  1. NewJane says:

    Last night I reviewed my old journal entries from last June on and realized that I’ve made lots of progress the last six months. Sure I “only” lost 10 more pounds instead of the 37 I’d somehow hoped for, but hey, that means I’m down 55 pounds so far and sitting at my lowest adult weight! As I thought about how to remobilize my efforts now that the holidays are about over, I saw several of my goals have been reached and I’ve made real progress on most of the rest. As a “half-full” person, I’d been focussing on the imperfection, instead of the positive movement forward.

    For example, after a hard transition from summer biking and walking fun outdoors with the family, we’ve recently begun sledding and snowshoeing and swimming, all good winter alternatives. Sure, I still need to get more consistant with my indoor machines and weights and video workouts, but it really helps having the kids asking to go out and play together and my husband assuming we’ll do lap swimming on date night!

    I’ve attained one personal goal I’ve had for years and years this fall – to keep a clean house. My weight impacted that because cleaning was really hard work when I was morbidly obese. Now that I’m “just” obese, I’ve found that once I overcame my procrastination (and used some of the ideas to catch up over a few weeks) a weekday routine keeps our home pleasant and peaceful and the whole family feels better. And after 3 months of living like this, I’m not interested in returning to my old slothful ways. The house doesn’t hold us back from starting a project or inviting company over. We’re all in better moods. This is so nice! It’s freedom, similar to being able to move my body more as I’ve lost some of the leaden jail of fat.

    Success has come from habit formation so far, so I brainstormed some new ideas to try out. I will attach an exercise habit to a routine chore (bounce on the rebounder for 1-2 minutes every time I go downstairs to move the laundry along) and to attach a spiritual discipline to exercise (listen to praise music while on the treadmill to get in a better mood). I’ll also listen to the Bible on CD while I do my household cleaning rounds, which also improves my state of mind, and yet lately I rarely seem to “get around to it.”

    This technique of attaching a new behavior to an environmental cue or an established behavior has been very successful for me in the past. For example, I used to have mounds of laundry pile up, but now I’m caught up every day. All it took was the decision to “move it along” every time I walked through the laundry room, which is between our garage and the rest of the house. Now I don’t even think about, it just happens whenever I walk through.

    Another technique I’ve been very pleased with is instead of telling myself I “should” do something, I write the goal out as I will do it “because” it will help me achieve these important goals or steps toward them. It’s very motivating, whereas the “shoulds” leave me with the “I don’t wanna’s.”

    I’m glad I wrote my goals down, because now I can see I have been becoming the person I want to be, even though I haven’t “arrived” yet.

  2. Greta says:

    My big deal is that I see this as a permanent lifestyle change rather than a “diet”. I have found that I can eat slivers of “bad” foods without having any more. I have found I enjoy healthy foods more than unhealthy foods as a whole. I enjoy exercise and can see walking for the rest of my life. I can keep on doing this. Forever.

  3. JuJu says:

    Wow, Jane and NewJane and Greta. Wow.

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