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There was a definite ATTITUDE earlier in the week. I didnít want to exercise. It required too much effort, too much time, and I had way too many other things to do. However, I now seem to be programmed to do SOMETHING every day, even if itís just 20 minutes.

So, as I trudged along one morning, that inner voice was telling me that I didnít have the time for this, and there were many other things that I could do with the time, and why was I taking the time to do this?

And then I stopped dead, right on the trail and thought: youíre trying to figure out why youíre TAKING the time to exercise when you could be figuring out how to MAKE the time to exercise appropriately? So, I started moving again, and let my mind wander.

Some of the thoughts: I MAKE time to fix mom a meal, to make sure the dog and cat have what they need, that we have appropriate food, that I do my job extremely effectively and efficiently. In short, I MAKE SURE that everyone and everything around me is happy and healthy, that all the laundry is done, and where am I in all this?

Right then and there, I realized how I was shortchanging myself. Making time for myself, for exercise, proper eating, proper rest, is at least as important as all the other stuff that I do.

So, the Ďattitudinousí thoughts changed [yes, I know itís not a word, but itís such a useful adjective!], and I made sure I had at least a half hour hike. And one day this week, when things were just too busy in the morning, I made sure I had my swimsuit and went swimming after work! It was absolutely the right choice, as Iíd overdone it with weights earlier in the week and was still sore. This morning, I took an extra 10 minutes and took a longer hiking trail.

And I have to go now Ė itís time for the weekly Tai Chi experiment [and I promise to write more about that within the next few days.].

Once again, attitude is everything. As long as I thought I was TAKING time to take care of myself, I was really losing out. Realizing the need to MAKE time has made a huge difference.

Yet another new year’s tweak!

3 thoughts on “Making time or taking time?

  1. Jonathan says:

    Right on Jane! I hope you also find that the more often you take those few extra moments to be active, the more you’ll find yourself extra-energized afterwards.


  2. Mj says:

    Isn’t it odd that placing SELF on your A-list of people-for-whom-you-care (both emotionally and physically) can require a conscious effort? I care for TootsMySpouse and my children; I care for my friends and extended family; I more-often-than-not put myself at a disadvantage to do so.

    One of the positive effects of wearing this cam-walker thing is that I must consciously slow down. Yes, there’ve been a few times when I tried to push ahead, literally and figuratively – but I just CAN’T right now. So I MUST take care of Mj. It requires much rethinking of how I proceed through my daily activities and while I’m not comfortable with it yet, I realize that it’s the only reasonable course of action. I can only hope that it will remain so, long-term.

  3. Laura says:

    That seems to be the age old idea with me too. I’ve been care giver for nearly all my life in one capacity or another. Everybody comes first before me. I’ve just recently become better at saying no, and it took forever, but I’m back into workout out 4 mornings a week and two afternoons, but it still seems to be a bit of a fight. And I’m still size 22. Sigh!! But I’m getting there, I’m getting there. At least that’s what I keep telling myself (believe it can often be a different story).


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