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It turns out that the best thing we got for Christmas this year was a gift card that helped us purchase a new calphalon frying pan. Now, Iíve been using teflon and non-stick frying pans forever, so the concept wasnít new. Its just that my last pan became, bit by bit, less effective as over the years it retained a certain amount of residue (despite washing) until by the end of last year it basically wasnít non-stick at all anymore.

The new pan is amazing. Iíve tried using oil spray, Iíve tried using a little chicken broth and Iíve even sauteed without any additive at all. So far, so good! Iíve made omelets and veggie stir-fry and a few other messy concoctions, but each time the food has slid right out of the pan and the residue has easily come clean.

This time Iím being careful to follow the cleaning instructions, because I want to stretch the life of this everyday-use tool.

Now if you know me, youíll have heard me say over and over that Iím not much of a cook, I hate following recipes, and my favorite meal is something simple, easy to assemble and fast. But this pan has really helped me out by giving me the ability to envision a variety of dishes that I can make without wasting calories on cooking oil.

This actually brings back an old memory. When I was a kid, my Mom used to save the grease (lard) that came from frying bacon and other fatty meats, and then we would use that stuff to coat the cast iron frying pan when we cooked other things. As far back as I can remember there was always a container of that grease just sitting there by the range.

Calphalon, take me away!

2 thoughts on “Sticky Situation

  1. Greta says:

    My Mom used to save bacon fat and use it in everything also. What they say about German cooking is that the only food served that does not have meat in it is fish! Glad that the cooking pan is working for you. I find my rice cooker to be a dream to clean and I have polished stainless steel pans that are close to non-stick surfaces.

  2. stretch says:

    Once we tried one calphalon pan, we switched to the full set.
    My egg white omelettes slide right out, I use a lot less evoo, and my better half has been thrilled with them.

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