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When I was a kid, they used to have these maps that had little symbols on them (sheep for cattle, oil rigs for petroleum, etc.) that showed the resources of any given region. I sometimes wish I had a map like that of myself, so I could figure out exactly where to find the motivation I need at any given point to stick with this healthy journey.

One thing I’ve learned is that when I can’t seem to figure out what will help me, I can usually find inspiration listening to others, even if the challenges they’re working on our not directly related to mine. I love to hear people explain the solutions they’ve tried, the blind alleys they’ve gone down, the successes they’ve achieved. It makes me feel like this whole thing is do-able, and worth it.

Yesterday, commenter Victoria pointed out quite rightly that our long term goals need to be internal ones – we can’t just lose weight in order to receive compliments or to look good to others. But in order to figure out which goals might work, I find it useful and inspirational to hear what other people are thinking about.

At a meeting that I facilitated this morning, I got so much energy that it renewed my flagging zeal. I heard from people just starting out, people with a long way to go, and people who have reached their goal. As they spoke, I tried to get a feel for their enthusiasm and energy and optimism. None of them said it was easy, but all of them felt as though it was worth doing.

Its been a dreary, wet, drizzly day in San Francisco, and this afternoon as I was walking to the coffee shop to meet a friend, I had a strong urge to buy a warm, sweet pastry when I got there. As I was rationalizing how I might fit those calories into my day, and whether this was a choice that I would be happy with, I happened to walk past a sports boutique. Now, my current long term goal is to “look and feel good in a bathing suit.” So this was a great reminder of that.

Thinking back to the people that I had heard from this morning, I was suddenly able to visualize how great it would feel to go into that shop and check out the bathing suits. There is an amazing sense of freedom, being able to just walk into a “regular” store and expect that they will have something that fits me. And almost immediately I realized how a food choice made for momentary comfort would not give me the same sense of freedom and pride.

I still can’t find a map of where my resources lie, but I’m beginning to see the signposts.

4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. jonquil says:

    You know, I really don’t know what “motivation” is. I’ve just got my job list, and I need to do what I do to get the job done. I need to fit on the John Deere, and move a lot of rocks and dirt around. I need to paste that golf ball as far down the fairway as possible. I need to crush-kill-destroy on the dance floor. I need to schlepp fifty-pound speakers around on my husband’s music gigs. And there may be a samba marching band in my future. So– I just do what I do. That’s it.

  2. stretchy says:


    Once again, your post inspires me! I love how your creative brain works.

    The pastries or bathing suit choice works for me, and I feel supported by your deciding to make the right choice.

    Your post inspired this visualization.
    I pictured myself looking very fit in very nice jeans standing next to a good sized pile of top quality pastries. (The pastries cost as much as the jeans did.) In my “picture” my bum looks like it has never ever been victimized by a pastry. I look and feel thoroughly fit…. then one at a time, I kick those pastries to the curb, and feel good doing it.

    Your post stopped me from eating a treat at my coffee shop. I took one third of a protein bar (about 100 cals) with me instead. My friends, munching on giant muffins openly envied me. That’s a switch!

    Thank You, Thank You Thank You for all of the tips, ideas, inspirations.

  3. Deirdre says:

    My motivation? I’m 51 and starting a new career. I’ll have my hands full fighting agism. I don’t need to fight on two fronts, and take on fatism as well.

  4. london slimmer says:

    I just try to keep remembering how much better I look and feel at this weight. If a craving strikes, I have something healthy to eat instead, which seems to work for me. Constant deprivation and/or allowing myself to get too hungry is a recipe (sorry, no pun intended) for disaster.

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