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Iím just back from a quick overnight ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Devin has rented a cabin with some friends for the season, and so I thought Iíd go up to join them. I donít love the group accomodation concept, but at least this place has a kitchen with a microwave, fridge, sink and electric range (last year we stayed at a B&B that refused outright to allow me to store some yogurt in the fridge, or use the microwave).

Since people are mostly at the cabin for a few days at a time, the kitched has accumulated the usual assortment of odds and ends (chiefly booze and meat products). I know from prior experience that Iím best off bringing my own supplies. Other than the rudimentary condiments, its best not to assume that they will have anything edible on hand.

This morning, after tiptoeing over a few sleeping bodies, I pulled my frozen veggies out of the fridge, placed them in a bowl, and microwaved them. Then I poured some egg whites (from a carton) over that and microwaved it a while more. I added a little salsa, some seasoning and, for good measure, a bit of the barbeque sauce that someone had left in the fridge. My friends, by contrast, merely stumbled out of their beds and into their clothes, then had Ďbreakfastí at the ski lodge (protein bars, juice, and pastry).

Later on, one friend remarked to me on that Ďamazingí breakfast I had prepared for myself. I have to admit I was a little embarrassed. Its not the most eye-catching recipe, nor are my cooking methods the most sophisticated. Still, my friend was simply unable to believe that I was having vegetables for breakfast and had such a Ďcleverí way to cook them.

As I looked around the ski lodge at lunch time (I ordered a garden salad and topped it with yogurt instead of salad dressing) I noticed that people were mostly chowing down on hotdogs, burgers, chili, fries, burritos, and the like. My friends were no exception.

While Iím not enamored of the idea of having to prepare lists of food to bring everytime we head up to the mountains, I realize that if I fail to do this, Iím going to be sliding head on into a sea of sugar and fat. And thatís one slope Iím not willing to traverse.

3 thoughts on “Slippery Slopes

  1. Laura says:

    You’ve come to a great acceptance of what you have to do to get/maintain fitness. I think this is my biggest problem; the resentment of what I have to do forever, the extra work, not being able to eat like most everyone else, having other people notice because I have to do things a different way. Oh yeah, and the tastebuds changing forever too. How did that really happen for you?

    You’re my hero and I applaud you Jonathon. I can only hope I can get to where you are.

  2. stretchy says:


    I laughed when I read this post because I had a brussels sprout leaves and egg white omelette with a small dish of steamed broccoli and a raw tomato for my breakfast. I simply ate whatever fresh veggies were on hand. I sprinkle red pepper flakes on everything, and use a tiny smidge of evoo to make the omelette. I have it down to a science and it always satisfies!

    Frozen veggies are a great backup, and great for travel. And although my daughter says using a microwave will kill me, I find it very helpful.

  3. Alexandra says:

    I’m lucky to have a cousin who loans us his condo in Tahoe for an annual ski trip. And every year, I pack up the cooler with healthy low-fat, high fiber, lean protein options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    This year, we are renting a house with friends and it’s “potluck” for every meal. Needless to say, I’ll be packing the same foods I always do (and that includes tucking a sandwich and 2 healthy snacks into my Camelbak to avoid the dreaded ski lodge lunch options). I’ve already bet my husband a nickel our smoked turkey chili and roasted veggie egg white omelettes will be the most popular potluck items!

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