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A lot is going to made of the latest findings from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute about the importance (or rather, LACK of importance) of fat in the diet. Just yesterday it seems, there was an article about how valuable protein is for weight loss. I can only presume the next study will prove you gotta have carbs.

As you know, I have a somewhat introspective manner for dealing with weight management and a lot of my journey is about the psychology, the emotions, and the behavioral aspects that I’ve faced. I’m a lousy cook so I never share or solicit recipes, even though I’m aware that is a helpful strategy for almost everyone else. And even though I’m an avid exerciser, I don’t feel as though I have a ‘prescription’ for the ‘best’ way to become fit.

So how in the heck do we know what ‘works’ for long term weight management?

Last night I had the honor of attending a meeting where a friend of mine received her ‘Lifetime’ award for having lost 140 pounds and reached a healthy goal. She looks great (mostly I think she looks more confident and more relaxed than when I first met her).

When the meeting leader opened up the floor for questions, one lady (who’d shared a lot of good ideas earlier in the meeting) eagerly raised her hand. I prepared myself for an amazing, insightful, profound question about the mystery and majesty of such a long and amazing journey.

“What do you do about dinner?”

Yep, that was the question. And a little light went off in my head. As much as I like to strategize, and psychologize, and analyze about the reasons for eating (and overeating), there really aren’t any ‘secrets’ at all. Basically, the bulk of it comes to this – ‘What’s for dinner.’

For her part, my friend honestly and openly explained that she just saves most of her calories for the evening because she likes to eat late, and in fact likes to have the opportunity for post-dinner snacking. She didn’t have any recipes to share or any secret strategies that worked like ‘magic.’ Because there isn’t any magic, per se. Its about choosing food and changing our behavior.

Sure, easier said than done. And no, I’m not going to start swapping recipes. But as I read all of the screaming headlines about the latest ‘findings’ about food, nutrition and weight loss, I’ll try and keep in mind that we already know (mostly) what works.

Eat less, move more. Love yourself. Keep going.

2 thoughts on “Worst kept secret

  1. Margo says:

    I needed that…I feel like I’ve stumbled big ime, and had my first full-on binge in a while today. I was headed down the ‘what the hell – better keep going’ slope, I think you’ve derailed me. Thanks.

  2. Kristy says:

    Ya!! Just found your blog via, and this is what I’ve been tellign friends who ask how i lost weight. No magic pill or diet exists.

    Down 30 lbs. in 2 years by exercise more, eat less…exercise more, eat less
    (plus a lot of work on psychological factors and emotional tie-ins to food).

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