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You canít eat it. Another DUH moment. Iíve been on a business trip this week, and have been extremely busy. So, the food schedule has been three meals (GOOD meals!), no snacks. And surprise, surprise, Iíve lost weight.

And of course, that got me thinking about the snacks in my desk. Theyíre perfectly permissible, even healthy. I donít overdo them, at least I think I donít. But, if I can have three really good meals, and not be hungry, do I really need the snacks? Am I so afraid of being hungry that I need the reassurance that thereís something around?

How many times do we go to the refrigerator or cabinets ďjust to look?Ē How much extra stuff do we buy during our weekly grocery store run ďjust in case?Ē I do this more than I care to admit!

So, what would my life look like if I didnít store food up like a squirrel storing nuts? Well, for one thing, Iíd have to shop just about every day, picking up only the things that I need for the day. In short, Iíd have to act as if I were in Europe. What a wonderful thought!

And, an added bonus of this is that I would be eating what I really want, instead of whatís around. Much more satisfaction.

The downside, however, is that making time for daily shopping is extremely difficult. No matter how I look at my schedule, itís wonít be easy. Therefore, maybe the focus should be on completely cleaning out my environment. Seems harsh, actually, but then again, which is worse? Eating and gaining? Or managing the weight.

Once again, itís back to the choices Iím making on a day to day basis. Itís about micromanagement, and thatís hard.

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  1. stretchy says:

    Hi Jane,

    I find that non perishables are tricky. I am careful to stock up on salsa and other safe items, and I do try to run into the produce dept. daily, and my husband often stops there on his way home from work. This way we eat a huge variety, and miracle of miracles, after years of bad eating, my husband is making big colorful salads and taking them to work, along with a 2 oz piece of salmon or 2 Tbsp. of nut butter or 1/2 avocado.(etc….)

    He has lost 7 pounds since January 1st.

    He says he LIKES salads (after hating them for decades! )It is a miracle! I think he might just get down to his super slim college weight! (which he was until he hit about age 32) Hey if it is important enough, he will find the 10 minutes to buy fresh! If he’s in a rush, he just takes frozen veggies to work the way Jonathan taight us. STOCK UP on frozen fruits and veggies…they can stop a binge from occuring.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Your comments hit home with me! You should see my desk drawer at work–little cans of tuna and chicken, pineapple tidbits, applesauces, oatmeal, SF FF hot chocolate, soup, etc. It’s like when I quit smoking many years ago…I had to have the cigarettes nearby because it was easier to NOT have them then. If I didn’t have access I wanted it more. Make sense? In any case, I never went back to smoking…but the food thing is going to be an issue for life. BTW–I also have access to a lot of junk at work so I constantly have to choose–what’s in the desk drawer or junk? I know what I SHOULD do…

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