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There’s a major pharmaceutical company based in Connecticut that’s had the wisdom to hire a dear friend of mine, Auntie Em. A wise, warm, funny woman, she’s one of the sanest, most balanced people I know, and drop-dead gorgeous [I know she’s reading this – stop blushing!].

Last fall, she told me that she’d been involved in a weight loss support group at work. Apparently, some of her colleagues decided that she’d make the perfect coach for them. They set up a time limit -I think it was 12 weeks – and held regular meetings. No program was favored over another, but the emphasis was on eating healthy, exercising, and support support support.

When the 12 weeks were over, the group had lost more than 100 pounds! The biggest losers said good-bye to more than 20 pounds.

Isn’t this impressive?

The power of friendship, kindness, and regular support cannot be underestimated.

We all need cheerleaders, whether it’s a long-distance thing, or a daily chat with someone. On-line support is great, and so is writing about issues. But there’s something about setting up a group with like-minded people who have some degree of detachment, like a group at work. They’ll tell you the truth – tactfully and kindly – and support you as you make up your mind concerning your own path.

So, all you ladies in Connecticut, my hat’s off to you! And I hope you all continue in your efforts to live a balanced, healthy like.

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