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I know that water isn’t a magic weight-loss elixir, but it sure does have a lot of valuable properties. For one thing, my experience is that when I’m hydrated, I’m less likely to overeat. For another, drinking lots of water helps me feel a little more awake and energetic. And of course it keeps my system running.

What’s funny is that before I started this weight loss journey, I never drank more than a few sips of water. Mostly I drank diet soda and coffee. Occaisionally I’d have juice or a smoothie. But I seldom drank more than a cup of actual water on any given day.

Even now, I need to have strategies in place for my daily consumption of H20, because the fact is, I’m kind of lazy about it. If I’m at home working on my computer, I might get up five times to look around the kitchen for a snack, but when I feel a little thirsty, I just put it off, telling myself I’ll get a glass of water ‘later.’ When I’m out walking around, or running errands, I’ll tell myself that ‘its a waste of money’ to buy a bottle of water when I can get it at home for free. Or else I figure if I drink too much water, I’ll be incessantly looking for a bathroom.

While I have complained many times here on the Skinny Daily about the atrocious eating environment at my office (ONLY THREE MORE DAYS!), there is one thing they do right, and that’s provide unlimited free bottles of water. Any time I get up to use the copier, check my mailbox, or use the restroom, I have gotten in the habit of grabbing TWO bottles of water.

When I see them sitting on my desk, its so easy to pop them open and drink them. They’re handy and in my line of sight. Some days I’ll go through eight or ten bottles like that! I’m often amazed to look at my recycling bin at the end of the day and spy a pile of empty bottles — I hardly think about it at all.

And, because I have an insatiable sweet tooth, I like to have some artificial sweetener with me (Crystal Light, for example). Somehow when I mix the color and the sweetness into the water, it can become just as satisfying as a cookie, or a candy bar. It often suffices as a late afternoon ‘snack.’

You’d think this was a no-brainer. Have water in front of you and you’ll drink it. Duh.

But the fact is, unless I’ve thought about it ahead of time and made plans, I can quickly revert to my old habit and go all day without a sip. I guess its just that the thirst mechanism simply isn’t as compelling to me as the hunger mechanism. Go figure. I’d walk three blocks for a piece of chocolate, but won’t go down the hall to fill my glass.

For now, I’ve planted bottles in my car, in my gym bag, and in my brief case. I find there’s often a source of water when I’m out and about, so even having an empty bottle on hand is useful. (And then I can’t talk myself out of the ‘expense’). At home, I’ve taken to leaving water glasses by my computer, and in the living room and in the kitchen. Just having the glasses out and in plain sight is a great reminder.

Water, water — its everywhere. So drink up!

5 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere

  1. Deirdre says:

    I buy bottled water at Costco and keep it in my trunk. That way it’s there when I go to the gym, or after my walk, or when I’m driving around running errands. I figure it’s better than going through the drive-thru for a soda and whatever I “suddenly” have to eat. It’s cheaper, too.

  2. Shameless Hussey says:

    Some time ago I bought pre-brewed tea in glass bottles with screw-back-on lids–maybe a dozen. Drank the tea and soaked the labels off the glass bottles. Each bottle holds 16 ozs.

    After unloading the dishwasher, I fill them up each evening at the Pur water filter in the kitchen, and pop them in the fridge. That way I’ve always got a cold cold bottle of water to grab and drink, grab and take with me. My son drinks them too. We no longer have any kind of soda in the house, with no complaints.

    For a sometimes change of flavor, I’ll put in a splash of FRESH lemon or lime juice. After a period of adjustment, I don’t like the taste of sweeten water any more.

    The trick, for me, is
    1) to have the water ready to go, and
    2) to drink a bottle of water first thing in the morning, even before coffee. Once I start drinking water, I stay with it.

  3. Cat says:

    A big OH, YEAH to all of the above. I could write well beyond the available characters (whatever they are) and not scratch the surface of my feeling about the necessity, the delight, and, yes, the sacredness of water. I’m lucky in that, as a young thing, I never picked up the soda habit; the folks had soda and juice around, though not in great quantities, but by the time I was ten or so, for whatever reason, I’d gravitated toward water as the drink of choice. Maybe it was because we had well water and it tasted cool, rich, earthy, and iron-y. (No water since has ever tasted that good since, except on the rare occasion when I’m near a safe spring and drink it right out of the dirt.) Some great things about water:

    –that feeling of taking-up you get, like your cells are expanding, when you drink a big glass of it and you realize how thirsty you’ve been without knowing it.
    –the taste (harder to come by in city water, I admit, which often tastes like a pool). But “real” water–Le Guin called it “the taste that is no taste,” and it’s a wonderful thing.
    –the clarity and shine; with the possibly exception of bubbly ginger ale or brown tea, what other drink is beautiful as well as nourishing?
    –the feel of it on your skin. One of the great discoveries of my weight-loss journey, if you can call it that, is that a hot shower after the gym (or, in warm weather, a cold one) is as sensual an experience as good chocolate. (Then there are the winter days when there is NO hot water at the gym…not so much.) And if anyone ever gets the chance to shower outside or bathe under a waterfall! let me tell you, it’s like being touched by the deity of your choice.
    –the fact that it sustains life on earth…literally, no metaphor, no figurative language about that at all. It’s why, in every piece of literature you’ll ever read, water is a metaphor for rebirth, baptism, fertility, life, flow, change, and all sorts of good things.
    –all the dandy things that live in it: grass shrimp and mummichog and dolphins and manta rays.

    As you’ll have gathered, I could go on (and on!). Just drinking water is, for me, a sacred thing in the most prosaic sense of the word, an act of connection. But I’ll (reluctantly) wind down with some ways to enjoy it more, if Coke and company got hold of you first:
    –as Shameless so rightly says, have it COLD. If your office water fountain runs tepid, it doesn’t satisfy. If you don’t like the office water, would you have any colleagues with whom you could band together to get one of those five-gallon water-cooler things with automatic deliveries? I don’t know what they cost yet, but since the chem prof told me that her students had tested my office’s water and it wasn’t so great, I’m thinking of finding out. (I have lots of paranoid colleagues to whom such an idea would appeal.) Taking the time to locate a source that tastes good to you might be your best health choice of the year.
    –having the lemon or lime you squeeze into it FRESH makes all the difference. I used to like concentrated lemon juice, but I don’t any more. If you’re not so big on sour, a segment of sweet orange squeezed into it is very nice. One piece of fruit in the office fridge will last days.
    –if you like the bubbles, plain seltzer with a quarter-cup of juice is flavorful and fizzy, or with that same squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange. Seltzer feels more festive to me than plain water.
    –drink it lots. Like anything else, it’s an acquired taste. (Now if I could just convince myself of that when it comes to less salt–!)
    –put it in something pretty. Even though I love water, I too tend to get busy at my desk and forget, so I bought myself a quart pitcher from the local potter, in my favorite color and with a nice handle-able shape. It catches my eye and makes me feel self-indulgent and reminds me that this is important enough to lay out some money for.

    Sorry about the long post, but I am SO into water: it brings out my fanatical side. 🙂 Happy Thursday to all!


  4. Allyson says:

    I like to use True Lemon in my water. It is crystallized lemon juice in little packets – very portable. I heard that they are coming out with True Lime soon.

  5. Vic says:

    Jonathan is lucky to have free bottled water most of don’t have this perk :-). 7 or 8 bottles of water a day would cost around $10 EACH DAY. Using reusable water bottle makes a ton of sense. After doing a bunch of research I bought a few from a site since they a very good selection safe metal ones (apparently plastic might leach chemicals).

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