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Since I live in San Francisco I can never actually tell what kind of a winter it is. For skiing we always drive up to the Sierras where they pretty much always have a ton of snow (about 12-15 feet so far this year). Day to day, however, San Francisco tends to be a sort of cool, damp, grey for most of the year (especially in ‘summer’) so I never really get a sense of how the season is shaping up.

Today, however, the wind and the rain have been coming in long blasts. The streets have been running with streamlets all day and there’s been an incessant pattern of rain and drizzle. Ah, winter.

Nevertheless, I did get up this morning and take the dog for a run. My thinking is that you don’t really get any wetter after the first 15 minutes. (I think Paco might disagree, but then he has that fur coat to deal with.) Its definitely easier and more pleasant to run when its dry and warm, but I’m a creature of habit, and habit dictates I get up at 5:00 every morning and go running.

After work I walked up to my new gym and had a easy, slow workout, and followed that up by taking a cardio class. It was a long and hilly walk home in the wind and the rain afterwards, but I was thinking about my 15 minute theory and just slogged away.

February can be such a bleak time of year, but for some reason I seem to be handling it okay. My eating choices could be a lot better, but I’m staying active and keeping as accurate a journal as ever. Perhaps this is just a time of year when the promise of spring is just around the corner, the sap is getting ready to rise, and the groundwork is being laid for the future ahead. Its a quiet, between-holiday time, and I don’t feel any particular pressure to do things.

Its funny, when you’re overweight and you are trying to imagine being at a healthy goal, you might be tempted to imagine endless easy days of maintenance in the sun, wearing new and flattering clothes, making automatically good food choices and simply revelling in the skinniness of it all. But then there’s always February. Its nature’s reality check.

Fortunately its the shortest month of all.

5 thoughts on “Winter’s Tale

  1. london slimmer says:

    When summer is here, I feel as though London is the best place on earth and I wouldn’t live anywhere else, but in February I seem to spend a lot of my time dreaming about emigrating to Kuala Lumpur. I wouldn’t mind so much if we had deep crisp snow, but instead we have lots of days of grey cold drizzle. Now what I really want is not food of any description but sun and I crave it so badly. Unfortunately, unlike chocolate, you can’t pick it up from the corner shop and so it’s all too easy to turn to more available substitutes. It doesn’t seem to bother many Londoners – my fellow Brits have a wierd habit of sitting at outdoor tables in cafes or next to open windows, sipping their coffees in freezing temperatures. But since I’m constitutionally unable to do that, does anyone have any good tips as to how to avoid the winter blues, without just sinking into an armchair with a hot chocolate and staying there for another month?

  2. Sarah says:

    And the thing that can help most of all in all the Februaries is to know that even the successful people that you look up to have Februaries too.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  3. stretchy says:

    February… It has been brilliant, sunny, windy, bitterly cold, and nearly 70 degrees at times… we always get a crazy week in every winter month where it is warm enough to make people forget they still have to deal with winter. This year we got 3 weeks of crazy warmth, after which people get depressed.
    New Yorkers have a knack for layering woolens beautifully and dealing with the wind chills. The brilliant sunshine deceives–it is COLD out there.

    Since I grew up here, I enjoy winter, even when we don’t get as much snow as we once did.

    Gyms come in handy on bitter days, and the park is always there on lovely days. I believe in fresh air, even if it is frozen, so I dart about on the bitter cold days, short errands rather than true exercise.

  4. Andrea says:

    London Slimmer,
    I usually have terrible winter blues, too, living in the mountaintops of Appalachia (southwest Pennsylvania).
    This year I tried to beat the blues with artificial sunlight — one of those lamps that provides 10,000 lux (full spectrum light, no UV rays like a tanning bed has). I have it next to my treadmill and try to get 20-30 minutes of exposure every day.

    Does it work? Well, I haven’t eliminated ALL depression and urges to overeat, but I will say the blues are not nearly as strong and my urges to binge are considerably less than in years past.

    There are lots of articles on the internet about full spectrum lighting to combat SADD, depression and overeating — just Google some of these key words and you’ll find plenty of different resources.

  5. london slimmer says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Stretchy and Andrea!

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