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Ironically for someone so steeped in weight management and food issues, I actually hate to cook. I put it right up there with cleaning the bathroom and taking out the recycling — something I need to do with regularity, and which makes life better, but which I don’t ever find entertaining per se.

The other night as I was throwing a little dinner together in a skillet, Devin came home early and casually said ‘I’m hungry, can you make me something?’ To which I replied ‘no’ (because he knows how much I hate to cook). ‘Then can I just have some of what you’re having?’

Sigh. I explained that I was sauteeing a package of mixed frozen vegetables along with a package of shiritake tofu noodles — nothing exciting and ‘not something you’d really care for.’ He said he would love to have that.

In the event, knowing that someone else would be eating this concoction, I forced myself to get some spices and I added a dash of salsa and some basalmic vinegar to boot. I found the result to be pleasing, even if it won’t be featured anytime soon in Cooking Lite.

Devin ate slowly and said three or four times ‘this is great, honey.’ But I noticed that he didn’t finish his plate. Afterwards, I gathered up the dishes and said ‘Look, I told you that you wouldn’t like this and see how you didn’t finish it all?’

And he just looked at me and said ‘You of all people are badgering me to clean my plate? I ate just as much as I wanted and then I stopped. I don’t have any weight problems.’

This steamed me, because it was so true. He doesn’t have any weight issues. He feels completely justified in asking for what he wants, doesn’t worry about what other people think of his choices, and only eats when he’s hungry. That probably explains the washboard stomach. That, and the fact that he plays two hours of tennis a day.

I’ve had a week of crummy food choices and I’m not feeling all that happy with the results. But as I think over this story, I realize that inspiration and information is all around me. Even at my own dinner table.

For one thing, why not cook for myself as if I were cooking for someone else? For another, why not serve myself half of whatever I’m making and see if that’s enough? And finally, I don’t have to worry so much about what other people think I should or shouldn’t eat.

3 thoughts on “Do As I Say, Say What I Do?

  1. stretchy says:

    I have been experimenting with all kinds of frozen veggies lately, ala Jonathan,
    However… I messed up a few times in the last ten days… on one occasion I was waiting for someone at a bakery/coffee place and ordered a lemon tart. it was quite good, and I had not eaten lunch, so I could have wolfed it down. All around me people were doing just that. I thought about what I should do. I ate almost half of the tart (delicious) and threw the rest of it away.

    I cannot tell you how good it made me feel. Like I actually had my cake and ate it too. It was a breakthrough.

    Afterwards I went to the green market and got a huge plain salad and some blackberries.

    so this particular “mess up” wasn’t really a “mess up” after all.
    Next time I will take the half eaten food home and freeze it for another day…

  2. jessica says:

    I had to laugh a LITTLE BIT at this post, not AT you, but because I comisserate… my live-in boyfriend of several years has NO weight problems. He’s naturally thin. He stops eating when he’s not hungry anymoe. And we’ve had EXACT conversations as yours above… and I’ve wanted to smack him every time. 😉

    It’s only been recently that we’ve learned how to communicate about food. Which means… I’m a great cook adn I love to cook, but some days I just want to cook for me becasue it’s bland boring “diet friendly food” that he’ll hate, and it’s because I’m trying to get back on track, and inevitably, he’ll be disappointed.


  3. Dickie Duncan says:

    Good Day!

    Correct me if I am in error please;
    Can I or anyone who is subscribed to SKINNY DAILY POST get in here and ask questions, etc.?

    Thanks for the great info here!

    Dickie Duncan

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