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This past week, I’ve been officially unemployed, even though it’s really that magical week off between jobs. The new one starts on Monday, and I’ve been running around, catching up with all those little odds and ends that accumulate, and trying to have a little fun.

But, I took stock yesterday, and realized that I’d lost weight this week, without thinking about it. How was this possible? I haven’t been exactly watching what I ate, but I didn’t go TOO crazy. And I bought a small amount of GOOD dark chocolate (less than 1/4 pound), and it’s still not gone, even 3 days later.

What was the difference? Well, the biggest conclusion I came to was that I wasn’t under so much stress, and I had control over my day. The reduced stress is fairly obvious, but having control over my day was an eye opener. I didn’t have to work around anyone else’s schedule, or meetings, or whatever.

Now, this is an unrealistic way to live, of course. Who in our society can manage without scheduling things – doctor appointments, meetings, whatever. However, business experts generally say that employees who have control over their jobs have less stress. (There’s that S word again!)

So, since I’m starting a new job, there should be a golden opportunity to lay down some different work habits, a different attitude, that will help me reduce at least some of my usual stress.

Having the gift of being left to my own schedule, and doing things my own way, has shown me that I CAN DO THIS! Apparently, I have the tools to succeed, but it’s now time to shape my environment so that I can make the most of my skills.

It’s certainly worth a try, and at least I know that, left to my own devices, it’s possible to manage my weight.

3 thoughts on “Left to my own devices

  1. Allyson says:

    Congratulations Jane! Knitting anything on your little vaca? Once I ended a job on a Friday and started a new one Monday. Couldn’t help thinking “extra week’s pay, woo hoo!”. I will never do that again…

  2. jonquil says:

    “…I have the tools to succeed, but itís now time to shape my environment so that I can make the most of my skills.”

    Yes. You can’t see me now, Jane, but I’m clapping, and there are tears in my eyes. You are my hero.

  3. stretchy says:

    Seeing the word *manage* in your post got me thinking…
    lately I have been trying to maintain, when I want to manage my life in a positive way… I decided to “hire” myself as my manager (and personal trainer. Now I feel pretty good, I have a manager and a trainer. Both treat me really well (so far, it has only been one day) My manager is taking care of meal planning, which is great. I didn’t think about it much today because it was taken care of. Sounds like a multiple personality? But I had fun with it.

    It is just that I needed to shake myself out of a rut.

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