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Talking to others about SDP is fun – at least for me [yes, I need to get a life!]. But there are so many people who are interested in this, and they’re at different stages in their journeys. There are even a few who have never had a weight problem who are interested!

Let’s take a fellow knitter – yes, you know who you are. She’s a rugby player with bad knees. But, fed up with her excess weight, she took her usual grace and determination, to a special, hospital-based program. She successfully lost her weight, and is in the essential maintenance mode. She started running again, and there went her knees, but she’s learned to take care of herself, to balance. She’s a star. I’m not sure she realizes how much I admire her and value her wisdom.

On the other end of the spectrum is a woman who told me – not in these words, though – that she’s eating her emotions. As we talked, I told her about some of my issues. She looked at me in silence for a few long seconds, and then said that I was scaring her. It was too familiar to her, I suppose. Maybe she thought that she was the only one doing it, or maybe she’d been beating herself up, thinking that this is a matter of will power that she’s just not getting.

It’s not. It’s a learned response to strong emotions. There are many paths to this, I’m sure, but the way out of it is NOT self-flagellation and condemnation. It takes kindness, focus, and the development of new skills. Not easy, we know, but step by step, day by day, we can make changes.

What’s the point of today’s ramblings? Just this: we can’t do this alone. The people I’ve seen who are successful are those who have developed strong support systems. These systems aren’t limited to friends, although they’re an essential part of it. Expert advice, access to information, having a place to discuss what’s going on, are all parts of successful support.

And, the longer we’re on the journey, the more ‘expert’ we become. At some point, we have the privilege of giving back.

4 thoughts on “Giving back

  1. stretchy says:

    We can’t do this alone… so true, even when I got little human support I got support from books. That’s how I started out.

    As family members got used to me back at my right weight, they stopped waving fudge in front of my face…

    but the real support I get from people comes from the 3 J’s here. Every time I need to get back on track, one of you helps.

    I had forgotten to eat my veggies, mushrooms, and beans for a few weeks… I just didn’t STOCK UP and I found myself hungry and eating other things… oh yeah…LOTS of other things. Bad combinations!

    And it is really impossible to get tired of this trio (veggies * beans *mushrooms) due to the variety in each catagory, and the ways you can prepare them. They are so healthy and filling. This trio really helped me lose the weight, and I know that they are perfect maint. food too.

  2. Priscilla says:

    If you don’t mind sharing, I’d appreciate getting new ideas from a couple of the ways you prepare your veggies, beans and mushrooms. Thanks

  3. Xenawannabe says:

    Thanks Jane (and Jonathan and JuJu, wherever you are!). SDP has been one important and enjoyable component of my support system for almost two years now – you all make so much sense, and you’re honest about your challenges, which inspires me and gives me hope! Thanks for all that the three of you do.

  4. stretchy says:


    I buy canned beans for convenience, every kind (black, pigeon peas, chickpeas, pinto beans, kidney beans…I never get tired of them because of all the variety.

    I put about a half cup (drained rinsed) on top a huge salad, sometimes I add olive oil , red pepper flakes, or other dried herb like thyme. It takes a long time to make and eat a huge salad, so this helps me at home. I put a few fresh mushrooms on the salad, too.

    On the go, I take a bowl of beans, bag of frozen veg, and microwave it at the office like Jonathan does. My husband has started doing it now.

    Mushrooms I sautee in Olive oil and I use all types.
    Imagine soups make a good mushroom soup, all of their soups helped me feel full and lose weight without getting too much sodium. I add fresh broccoli to their Broccoli soup, sometimes,
    Onions to their potato leek soup, and so forth, But they are good plain– I bought a thermos and often have a little soup instead of stopping at a bagel place or something when famished.

    You don’t have to eat so much soup & salad that you get tired of it, but eat it regularly enough so your body begins to crave it.

    I also traded ice cream for slices of frozen bananas. I’d rather eat nearly two bananas than a pint of ice cream! and they satisfy.

    there are all kinds of tricks, and I find I have to try them many times before they “click” and I like them sometimes, as old habits are very hard to break.

    Green Tea is still a habit I am trying to make. I tend to return to black tea or coffee instead. I am vowing : 2 cups of green tea per day for the next 30 days. Now I suppose that will help me do it.
    I have the green tea bags, it is just a matter of …doing.
    I have found that no new food habit is easy. I hate that I think so much about food and drink!

    But over the years I have been slowly getting free of the constant food thoughts. I guess it is better to think a lot about it than pretend everything is OK and eat a bag of caramel corn.
    Over time, I am less obsessed… and doing more with my life…like a freedom.

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